Saturday, March 19, 2011

My very first DIY French Manicure

Just to prove that I'm extremely busy studying :P I do my french manicure while studying, so good girl LMAO My first time doing this, so the skill is so so only lah.. I tak tahu malu wanna write a tutorial on this.. since I notice that my blog is dead and I wanna rescue it LOL

Apply a coat of natural colour ranged from beige to pink.. :)

Ta-da! (ignore my dry horrible finger)

Then, use this magical manicure guides by Sally Hansen! Actually you can use brush + nail polish remover to clear the untidy inner brim of white tips too if do not want to use these guides! But this is easier for beginner :)
(You can refer to tutorial on YouTube if don't understand what am I saying haha)

Just stick the guide on your nail :)

Put on white nail colour above the guide :)

Let it dry and pull off the guide and TA-DA! :D

My first DIY French Manicure!

Tak tahu malu posing with fingers!



Cassy said...

wow i didnt know its that simple! kwel :-D

Candy10 said...

I don't really know got such "guide" thingy >.<" tat's really make life easy ... thanks for the info. =)

Kian Fai said...

lol :) do for me la XD

Kendra Bing said...

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ken said...

french manicure means got a line at the tip of the fingernail? now only i know.. hehe.

Michelle Chic said...

nice! i love experimenting on different colors for the tips!

Mei Mei said...


Hilda Milda™ said...

So neat and simple (: I likeeee!