Monday, August 20, 2012

Bangkok (Day 1)

Bangkok post is undoubtedly closely related to shopping shopping and shopping LOLS since Bangkok is a shopping heaven :) It's the only place where I really feel rich and able to spend like a boss! Of course I've visited some other places too so let see the exciting Bangkok trip of mine! :))

Took the sky train (BTS) to Siam Area (where we'll be staying for shopping sprees) from airport.   
Looked familiar? Similar to our monorail's excess card rite?
Our first station- Platinum Mall. I love their food court. First meal in Bangkok-Fish paste noodles in tomyum.
Som Tam (green papaya salad). My all time favourite! Thailand's som tam is the best in the world :D Very appetizing, and I love the crunchy anchovies too!
Kueh Chap. A mild herbal broth with pork parts. Can't believe that I tried kueh chap for the first time in Bangkok and not in Malaysia lol It's really delicious!

And not forgetting McD after our shopping spree! Ahhh McD is so much better in Bangkok!
Samurai burger! It's porkkkkkkkkkk *yelled*
Spicy teriyaki chicken rice. I love this! I know it's weird to eat rice in McD btw

Anyway we didn't buy many stuffs in Platinum on the first day, cuz we gonna spare for the next day in Chatuchak Market!

Naraya is a must-go. So many crazy shoppers there :O but actually I think their designs are so-so only :x
Naraya's cosmetic bags and tissue holders.
Stitch's cell phone pouch! So cute I bought 3 @RM3+ each, and literally forced both of my younger sis to use them.
Clothes @RM10 and pants @RM20!

I really in love with Bangkok.. awesome foods, cheap stuffs, better McDonald and the best 7-11! Everything is cheap, Lay's and Pocky also so so cheap!! *Drowned* But this is just day 1, more shopping later LOLS


choonhong said...

pork burger !! how was it?

SuFang (Careen) said...

a lot of mayonnaise! I don't really like it lol

Hilda Milda™ said...

I like the red top on the last pic, so pretty! :D and it's only RM10!!

IceCreamBun said...

I'm going there soon! Any recommendations besides this.. :D