Monday, October 29, 2012

Underworld Aquarium Singapore

I have always wanted to visit aquarium! Feel so excited *jumping joyfully* like a small kid when looking at all the different beautiful and exotic marine animals :) Never fed up on zoo, aquarium and all these places, trust me, these are the best places to learn! Alright, enough with the boring introduction, let's have a "tour" now!
First station: Ray of Fun 
The only thing the stingray reminds me is Steve Irvin died after being pierced in the chest by a stingray while filming an underwater documentary *____*
Ewww I dislike stingray! 
Can touch them in this station.. that's not my hand anyway lols
They are so cute! but sorry I have forgotten their name >____<
Seahorse and sea dragon! I love them :)) Do you know that the male seahorses have a pouch to breed the eggs until they are fully developed?
Next station: History of the Earth
Have you heard of sea angel before? It's the first time I know about this little creature. Read the anatomy of sea angel, so special!

We need to look through a special magnifying glass.. they are so tiny!
Giant Pacific Octopus is coming! They are highly intelligent animals. Remember Paul the Octopus of FIFA World Cup? Lols
Japanese spider crab! Heard that they're uber delicious lols
Another special marine animal- giant deep sea isopod! They looked like giant kutu to me *yucks*

Moon jellyfish :) So pretty.
Omg this fish is so cute and innocent ^^

Sharks! A little reminder to all.. Stop eating shark fin to stop the massacre of sharks:)
The last station is dolphin show but I actually skipped that to support the campaign of stopping the dolphins hunting. Dolphins are high intelligent animals, in fact their IQ is just after humans, some species are more clever than chimpanzee. Do you know they can actually  get emo and commit suicide? Please please watch the documentary THE COVE to know more about this lovely animal and how the massacre has been going on in Japan. 
The last picture :) The happy me in aquarium!


Henry Tan said...

stingray! reminds me of the tragic death of steve irwin. =(

Merryn said...

Oooo I love underwater world! I am after all a Submerryn :P

Xue Ren said...

arhh! nice one! i long time never visit aquarium alrdy =X

Koh Kian Fai said...

coooool :X

Singapore got such aquarium with many variety of sea creatures hehehe

George Lim said...

My first aquarium experience is in Singapore underworld aquarium! But my recent visit there to be a bit disappointed as the place seems to aged a bit and in need of refurbishment perhaps. Just my 2 cents anyway, haha!

Revisited Batu Feringgi Beach, Penang, Malaysia

FiSh said...

i miss the dolphin show nearby there! :(

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