Thursday, July 30, 2009

Escape from UPM

Due to the disastrous effect of h1n1, most of the students fled from upm like refugees.. others chose to stay in hostel or stay with frens, esp those fr east malaysia..

It happened so sudden, when i was sitting in the lecture hall looking at the making-no-eye-contact lecturer babbling to himself, thinking to imitate my frens' signature and sign for them as they were late to class.. while paranoid about skipping tradisional dance practice that night and not to read the articlessss from Dr. Mary which will hv a quiz the next day... day dreaming without looking a word bt microb n all those 'might be' sterilized techniques on the slide shows..

Then, the door was opened and thr they are my beloved frens, bck to their seats.. telling me tis surprised news before i questioned bt their late coming.. woooooowww, what the heck? what a farce? No mid sem break.. no travel.. no dance practice 2nite, no mary class 2mr, no test next week???? *chuckle* It's good though.. lolx..

After a while, whole class knew bt tat n i could hear the rumble outside the lecture hall. Everyone started to call their parents or asked somebody to arrange for transport, escaped from upm.. starting the 'sem break' which to be carried forward..

N we started to so called planning our holiday though it's jz a nonsense talk.. lol.. n my fren blamed my 'bad mouth' cz yesterday night i jz told them not to afraid to go Phuket as u might get h1n1 even in upm.. i was promoting hard on phuket for sem break as the two ways flight is only rm140+ but some of them refused to go as their parents were cautious of h1n1 and even terrorist bombing.. omg.. n the plan finally soaked in boiled soup T.T

All my housemates went home except huimin, eevon and I.. we did not want to rush home but chose to buy bus fare for the next morning.. first we went to PWTC cz eevon had to buy ticket to k.terengganu.. then we went to mid valley~

we had a fabulous dinner in the chili's to celebrate ''h1n1's break''?? and this h1n1 gv us a 'feeling' to buy watch.. lol.. huimin bought a brown Solvil Titus watch n mine an Esprit.. have to tighten my belt during tis break.. Im officially broke..

*sigh* really feel uncertain for tis sudden holiday.. T.T mayb should just self quarantined at home.. swine flu, i hate u..

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