Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Glad to say that we have visited many 'special' places during this sem..

First, Kampung Orang Asli.. Sosiology and antropology is a subject which teaches us about humans and their form of connections. Our project is to visit orang asli and interview them. My group visited Kpg Orang Asli in Broga since the lecturer told us it's an isolated place where many forms of taboos are still being maintained until today. ( been cheated, it's just an ordinary village with all the amenities provided, the wife of Tok Jenang even showed us their photos by using a touch screen phone=.=) However, we do learn a lot of things and experienced many of our 'first time' through this fieldtrip.

Then, Maternal and Childhealth, a subject teached by our most respected Dr. Mary.

We have visited different kind of associations and Im sure most of us are not familiar with these.

FRHAM- provides family planning services on contraceptives and reproductive health. We were given a talk on the services provided and demonstration on some use of contraceptives~ male and female condom, intrauterine device and etc..

Pic at the right, demonstrating on the 'what we call' 'american size model' , to protect my fren's confidential, smiley face is substituted~

PT Foundation- provides shelter and help for HIV positive people, transgender/ transsexual and sex workers and launch different campaigns/ activities to enlighten public in order to decrease the rate of transmission of HIV/AIDS. The HIV positive people, former sex workers and transsexual shared their experince with us and told us their problems especially stigma from society.

WAKE house- houses for HIV positive orphans, women and transsexual. We just managed to visit orphanage house. The children are optimistic and treasure each other as own siblings although without love from parents. The homely atmosphere and conducive environment in WAKE house and love from caretakers do help a lot in their growing period in order to combat their disease besides living a life as normal people in the society.
No photos from WAKE orphan house to protect their rights and confidential =)

I have learnt many things through these fieldtrips through what have I seen, observed and introspect. We should learn to feel, to accept, to reach and to help them.. We do know their existence in the community, but due to lack of imformation on the ways to reach them, we neglect their rights as part of the society and somehow we should learn to accept them as their major prob is the stigma created by you and me.


Pete said...

Reminds me of my orang asli camp trip in Pahang jungle....tough one!

TheDrippyPen said...

Naice... sometimes we discriminate for no reason... as scholars we should be able to see and think for ourselves not just blindly accept what has been handed down...

ps: when ur holiday start?

SuFang (Careen) said...

Yaa~ agree.. only when we reach them in real life extent, we'll know wat is goin on.. My holiday starts on 12th but i will be bck on 18th Nov^^