Friday, November 6, 2009


Im officially 21st ady.. =.= feel old~ LOL =D
Thx for the wishes from my family and frens, lOve u all ^~^
Thx my mom for giving me a 'key' pendant as gift.. She called me yesterday, askin my opinion..n i told her i prefer CASH (in a joking way).. LOL.. n she asked me to choose between gold n platinum, i asked her to go for the cheaper one.. lol~ what a bad daughter X)
Thx my housemateesss for celebratin my birthday in a warm n lovely korean restaurant..
Had so much fun thr~
Love my family, love my friends.. Wish for luck n peace..
Hope thr's no suffering for all X) lol, a wish tat wont be granted yet i wana wish it every year~
*Yawn* woke up too early 2dey, a niceeee, cloudy, windy n rainy dawnnnn~~
Goin to catch couples of movies later XD Jennifer's Body (Seeexxaayyy Megan FOx) and Phobia2.. Target-ing YOU!


EeVon said...

We do love you heaps girl!have a great year ahead kiesssss =)

SuFang (Careen) said...