Wednesday, November 18, 2009

12/11- 15/11/09

Langkawi Trip

Lovely friends.8 gals, KekTing,HongMean,HUimin,EeVon,SeeYi,HuoiJien,HuiSian n I.

Breathtaking sceneries. Especially the scenes along the route of cable car, the bridge, mountain and water fall.

Beaches.P.Cenang,P.Kok,Datai,Tanjung Rhu,Pantai Pasir Hitam.

Beautiful sunset.At Pantai Cenang, captured several nice photos there.

Island hopping. P.Beras Basah, P.Dayang Bunting, Eagle feeding

Crazy fellow. Crazy-ing in the chalet.Squeeze on the bed. So so so COLD

Rainy days.Rainy evening, we drove the car around the island.

Surprising events.Meet some bad monkeys.Some attractions had been closed down or under renovation (Hot Spring and Book Village).Went to 'visit' Westin Resort and being questioned by the guard, cracked off when Mean told him we are here for the washroom.OMG. The guard was speechless..Amazing.

Food.Chinese seafood (yucks), Indian cuisine (delicious), Italian food (Thumbs up for this, nice,cheap and good service).We also had lunch in Arts Cafe, the place is so comfortable and well decorated with drawings.

AND We also went to Andaman Resort, so so NICE. Jalan jalan in Pasar Malam. Buy choc and liquor in Kuah. Spend time in a bar with music and cocktail. The live band is just so ROCK!

Wonderful and fantastic TRIP. Unforgettable. Love it.


k3nt730 said...

nice place,plan to hav a trip there..
beer so cheap there,wanna go there drunk le..haha

SuFang (Careen) said...

yaya.. beer only around rm1.90..haha^^ can go n car n hv sight seeing~

thenghui said...


SuFang (Careen) said...

haha~ Thenghui.. nxt time play again.. muahaha~

XtasyM said...

love tat photo with the footsteps on the sandy beach :)

SuFang (Careen) said...

Yaya, I love it too~ My friend captured it.. can ask her to bcm photographer d ;)