Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Can't Stop Nagging

How to describe my life recently...

BUSY like hell! Maybe my life is too 'carefree and comfortable' since the first semester, never bothered by assignments + most of the tests were in MCQ. Started from this semester, with all the

HIGH QUALITY lecturers...
of course the first thing to promise their quality is to ask u to do bunches of assigments
so that you can learn SOMETHING from it. Well, no more plagiarism =.=

So we are kinda hooked up by assignments recently especially the dietary assessment, weighed and recorded everything that we ate then tabulated the data and analyze it. WT hell, I spent so many nights on that, even after combined with the result of my roommate, have to adjust everything. The worse thing is, our COMs purposely being CRAZY during this period, sometimes cant even save the files.

The next thing to come is my pitiful legs, I fell down from staircase (YES! STAIRCASE), what to blame? Shoes ? Staircase? I blamed myself for being so stupid and CLUMSY and maybe something wrong with my body posture LOL. It was in Mid Valley after watching JU-ON, wt Sh*t, so embarassed. JU-ON already like sh*t, my luck was like sh*t also, hooray! And after the traditional dance practice- stretch here and there. More bruises. Double blasts!

That JU-ON, so many scenes and not well arranged, keep seeing people died with no reasons, meaningless and storyline doesn't go smoothly. PLUS my friend and I were surrounded by around 6 couples, yaa, SURROUNDED.. U know la, when ghosts come, they purposely screamed like sitting on roller coaster and the guy will hug them and laugh. I can tahan the sweet scenes, but please don't SCREAM la, so distractive!

I think I have complained too much recently.. LOL.. and I came across with this article recently on 'Why do we complain?'

"The act of whingeing can be a reaction against a world in which it's perceived we have no control. While "having a moan" may make you feel better temporarily because it creates an outlet for your strong feelings of annoyance- it won't solve anything in a long run. Without effecting positive changes, you'll just end up 'treading water' - and getting even more frustrated."

Well, I still seek for positive changes. *_*


jfook said...

Are you ok?? Um..Better get your roomie to massage for you. I never like horror movies. lor. Scary leh. LOL. Haha. Anyway, good luck in your assignments. I have lotsa assignmnets to be completed as well!!

SuFang (Careen) said...

haha.. my roommate too skinny n cute dy, I'm not ren3 xin1 to ask her massage for me XD I love horror movie, LOL~ u too, good luck in assignments =)

jfook said...

LOL. Um..Haha...But you better get someone to urut for you oh. If not will get nei4 shang1. :) So what hv you been up to? Hardly see you in Fac too. Maybe my lecture time is different from yours.