Saturday, January 16, 2010


Fall in love with Alicia Keys recently. Like her new album very much.

Empire State of Mind, Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart, Doesn't mean anything.... Songs that accompany me for dull assignments crazy-ing days...

and the song that I like to listen recently which was introduced by my roomie -
<暗示> by 方炯镔&弦子


jfook said...

I love "Doesn't Mean Anything". It's my message tone. LOL. At last there's someone saying "Empire State of Mind" is nice!!
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SuFang (Careen) said...

Yaya, nice.. But i prefer Part II without Jay Z =)

Have to put so many advertisements? Since not many ppl visit my blog, nvm i thk.. haha~ I dun like my blog to be so 'meriah'.. LOL. Thx ya.

jfook said...

Haha. That's alright. But I'm your avid reader anyway. So don't worry. You gonna see me spamming your comment box and chatbox as well. LOL. :P

Oh yeah, more advertisements means more earnings mar. But have to depend on your daily traffic also. If you don't want your blog to be so "meriah", then nevermind lor. Haha.

Plus, I hate CATS. Damn hate. But our college is full of catssss. Sien.
Have a nice weekend!