Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Favourite Surfing Spot

Where would be the best place for surfing?
Sad to say, for me, it is in my hostel- in UPM.
Ya, laugh your head off.

As a student with a hectic and boring study life without CAR, staying in this small and isolated college, hostel would be the best place for surfing.

I eat here, sleep here, poop here and of course surf net here~!!!

My life would be blank and tasteless as plain water (plain water may taste even better) without my lappy and INTERNET CONNECTION!!!
It has became part and parcel of my life okieeeee*
Just can't live without blog, facebook, nuffnang, MSN, news online and much more~
and it is essential to complete my assignments and get some extra info for test.

Slow and lag internet connection really drives me CRAZY. I wasted my time to wait and wait to log in pages, the line went 'PUTUS' when chatting with my friends. No connection one day before the due date of my assignments.

see all the messy cablessss in my hostel????

And yeap, I am having this epidemiology examination tomorrow
(the lecturer told us, "Don't think you can score high marks even you read all the lecture notes. Have you read the journals? or else you are digging your own grave *____*)
and stacks of journals, books and lecture notes are in front of me now!


I cant stop surfing. You can see how important it is for me.

back to the main point here. How to solve all this putus putus problem?
Just POTONG it~!
With P1 W1max
You can surf freely as you want.
I might go and get one too.
but wondering whether Serdang is one of the covered areas?

"WIGGY is the next revolution in mobile broadband. Surf at true broadband speeds with up to 10 Mbps while you’re out and about in P1 W1MAX covered areas. "

*cool little cute stuff*
It is portable and you can surf whenever you want in its covered areas!!!
Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

kk, off to study epidemiology now.. LOL.


pah8000 said...

potong lagi lambat....

if u really cannot tahan , get jaring or wait ytle wimax

jfook said...

Haha. U earned how much RM 20 already? LOL. I'm such an inactive Nuffnanger. LOL

SuFang (Careen) said...

pah.. hahaha.. thx for ur suggestion~

jfook.. lol.. jx gt for last week entry~ haha..

ziyino said...

haha~messy cable connection.whose hse is it ya?hahaha~

SuFang (Careen) said...

ziyino... LOL. yalo, duno whose house lai de.. haha..

Mean said...

my coursemates house... their house very dirty n messy one.. went be4? haha..

SuFang (Careen) said...

Mean, reli? u went before? block D arr? muahahahhaa... bad bad~

Mean said...

haha... how u noe? it's too bad... haha..