Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Relax.Sweet.Sexy. Phuket

Day 1.

I barely plan out the whole trip due to time constrain because non stop final exam and extracurricular activities stole all my time. With all the rumors of danger in Phuket and the Bangkok political unrest which is getting more critical recently, many friends advised us to have deferment for the trip. Anyway, 5 of us (yeap, 5 girls) decided to go since our parents allow us to go.

Haven't sleep well for several weeks, I boarded the flight in the afternoon by dragging my tired body to KL Sentral and then LCCT. We bought the flight and booked the hotel one month ago, browsed through some pages entitled What You Must Do in Phuket kind of information without referring to any travel agency as we do not like the tedious and hectic timetable arranged by them.

After 1 hour and 20 minutes flight with the smile and warmth greet of stewardess, overwhelm dizziness and little noises, Phuket came into eyesight. Phuket Airport is quite small, smaller than Penang airport I think. Upon reaching, all the aggressive dealers come and offer different kinds of tour packages and car rental. Decline with a polite smile, we managed to take a cab to Club Bamboo Spa and Resort at Patong, the place we are going to stay for 4 nights. We depart to Patong with excitement, wishing to see a different vacation. The scenery along the road is very much like what we can see in Malaysia, just the language they use is different. My friend tries to communicate with the driver in english but there is still some misunderstanding so she gives up at last. The sexiest part then come, the driver happily takes out a dvd and he said let us watch movie to cure the boredom of this 40 minutes drive. Guess what've he played, yaa, PORN from hk in cantonese language. wt*. We look at him with dismay but dare not to utter a word. The first lesson in Thailand, never taken aback by the sexay things, that's all you have to get used here.

Insight of the cab but it's not the porn showing on the screens yet.

After long time of suffering in the cab by all the sexy noises, we finally reach the resort. The receptionist is a polite Siamese young guy with very short spiky hair and big warm smile. He is very polite and shows us the way to our room. At first I was afraid he will ask us to add extra beds as five of us planned to squeeze in the room but he is very kind and pleased us to have nice time here. A glimpse of the resort, it is very comfortable and unique with all the staircases leading on the hill around the resort. Small swimming pool and fine restaurant, comfortable place for spa and massage and antique design of rooms. I fall in love with the place at the first glance. Two of my friends go for tea and the rest of us take a short nap before we start the exploration.

Club Bamboo Spa and Resort. Nice and serene place.

Patong beach is just miles away from the resort, we go there by the free shuttle bus of resort. Instead, the shuttle bus is not a bus, more like a small lorry or four wheel drive. Patong beach is not beautiful as I expected, since it is famous for its night life and not the beach. We walk around the streets and search for food. The streets in Patong is not classy one but very special. And the most special thing is the electrical wires and connectors, it is such a mess. We have our Thai dinner in a small lovely restaurant decorated with colourful drawings and paints. The food there is not so nice but the price is not expensive as a tourism spot.

Patong Street

Second thing to get used in Thailand, the guys like to disturb girls by saying "you are pretty, beautiful, help me, release me". We roam from streets to streets and discover McDonald Mr. Clown with sawadeekap pose, Mcdonald with pork burger and lots of Subway shops there. Until we reach this exciting and noisy street with whole lot of bars and discos, dotted with colourful neons, we can hear 'Tiger show, Ping Pong show' or whatever exotic shows as there are many guys shouting, dragging and showing the price list for all kind of shows. The pretty 'girls' with pretty look and S shaped body wear some special kind of costumes, walk around the street for photo shooting. I can see some guys taking photos with them, they do not know how to pose their naughty hands so they just rest their hands on somewhere which is 'put-able'. They do not even know where to put the money so they just stuck the money at somewhere which is 'stuck-able'. The smell of sweats and alcohol is the description I can give for this street.

the messy wires at the street. Wonder will it be dangerous?


sexy girls~

We visit the shopping mall and several places then head back to our resort by tuk-tuk (the local transportation with small lorry look a like). Before this, we bought some local beers and chips from 7-eleven (Thailand has the coolest 7-eleven, u can get everything you want from there). Playing poker and drinking beers, we end our first night in Phuket with tiredness then.

cute drinks only 10 baht, around rm1. Wish Malaysia has these. LOL


jfook said...

Wow, such a perfect description of your trip. :) Can I get the porn from that driver now?

SuFang (Careen) said...

Thx =)
haha, tats very old hk porn wo.. still wan it? LOL.

Anonymous said...

cool McDonald .. :D

vialentino said...

wow...nice phuket pics...but i think those pretty girls is ah gua rite?

SuFang (Careen) said...

Thx shirleen and vialentino~

Vialentino, yeap, bingo~ lol.

ulricng said...

nice post about phuket i was there 2 years back... :)

SonnyKazu said...

Did you know? You can see 7-Eleven almost every places you go... After few hundred metres you can see another one, even the opposite side too! One area can have more than 3-5 7-11s when I was in Bangkok. That means business competition! :D

SuFang (Careen) said...

yaya, should have that in Msia too~ lol..