Wednesday, May 5, 2010 PHUKET

Day 2.

Awake by the sun rays shine onto the bed through the french sash. Plan to swim while my friends go for breakfast. Looking at the 'not so clean' swimming pool, I join my friends for breakfast. The restaurant is located right beside the swimming pool, small and decent one. The workers of resort are very friendly and greet 'Sawadeekap' when we walk by. Today, we plan to go Phuket town for a walk and visit some other places. We charter a cab to Phuket town but after negotiate the price with the driver, he agree to drive us to wherever we want to go until around 6pm.

Before depart, the sky turns dark and starts to rain but the drizzly rain never stop our intention to have our own sight seeing tour. We first visit Phuket town, the narrow roads and portugal buildings are the landmark of this historical town. Then, the driver recommends us a seafood restaurant in Palai Bay. Much like a fishing village with fishing boats dotted at the sea, it's windy and serene there. The local Thai cuisine indeed caters our tastebud and the price is fair as well. The next spot is the cashewnut factory. The workers there demonstrate the processing and introduce us the different products. After buying some stuffs, we proceed our journey to viewpoints and beaches at Kata and Karon. There are two viewpoints, both can view the entire Patong, Kata and Karon towns and beaches. The time is flying while the narcissists are camwhoring, LOL, and we are in our resort again not long after that.

Palai Bay

Our lunch, didn't capture my fav mouth watering Tom Yam Goong

One fruit only bears one nut, that's why it's expensive



My friends charge the cameras and dslr while eating chips and chatting, I take a short nap to 'charge' myself as well. Around 7.50pm we wait for shuttle bus to Patong beach for dinner. We go for foot massage and the girl offers lower price for us. It is quite disappointing as it is not reflexology. Not much interested on Thai cuisine anymore, we pass by an Italian restaurant which is full of foreigners, bet the food there would be nice. The chef is a friendly big white guy, walking here and there to welcome the guests. We ordered two pizzas for dinner and it is satisfying. The footballers' pictures are all around on the wall, guess the owner is an avid football fans.

Foot massage, only 200baht

Our dinner

Then, we go for a stroll and reach the nightlife street again. The time is getting late and the street is getting merrier. More crowd and pretty 'girls', we even can see clearly the pole dancers dance sexily on second floor while first floor has some transexuals dancing hot on the small stage. We pass by the street and go to the shopping mall and notice that most of the branded things are much expensive. Vincci is so called branded in Phuket, the same sandal I am wearing to Phuket which cost around rm20++ in Malaysia, the selling price is rm60++ there! Imported goods huh? We then leave the mall and some colourful beads tied strings and necklaces catch my attention. I buy some of it as souvenirs.

Before ended this lovely day 2 in Phuket, we have a drink at The Port, a relax place with musical band. We back by tuk tuk and I finish up the Bacardi before bath. 1.30am, we off the light and call it a day. Looking forward the island hopping which we already booked the trip on the first day with a humourous lady who likes faked moles. *smile*

The Port

p/s: Two things be sure to get used there- time and money. The time there is GMT +7, means one hour earlier than Malaysia. 10 Thai baht is around rm1. We always mess this up when we ask about time or pay money among ourselves.


ulricng said...

nice post about phuket...i was there 2 years ago

ohmywtf said...

aww.....i miss phuket...:-(((

SuFang (Careen) said...

i miss phuket too~ haha^^

Baboon Tan said...

hey there! I went to many places at thailand including phuket! but not in my blog post! ^^ I went there few years ago!

SuFang (Careen) said...

hey baboon.. haha~ u should post it n let us c~!