Tuesday, May 11, 2010

relax.sweet.sexy. PHUKET

Day 4.

Been so so so lazy for the last day, all of us wake up late. Just wanna relax ourselves today, the last day in Phuket. We go to Kata, at first want to have our lunch in Buffalo Steak House, we have seen all the advertisement of it as 'The Best Steak House in Town", remind me of "The Ship". After sitting down and looking at the menu, gosh, the price is damn so expensive, more expensive than The Ship! We quickly leave there afterward. LOL. Then, we walk along the street and the Indian guys keep promoting their food so we have our lunch at that indian? arabic? restaurant. Later on we go for Thai Massage. The Thai massage is so fantastic, like an acrobat performance gonna break apart our bones. My friend keeps asking the girl 'Please don't 'crack' my bone!" and the girl actually gives her an evil laugh *__*

The weather is so hot and we just cant stand for it, so we go into Starbucks for the air-con. The menu and price is just same as Malaysia but no tax been charging there.

*Posing hard in Starbucks*

Well then we back to Patong beach again and walk around.

While we are thinking to take photos in front of the ship and fountain at the shopping mall, suddenly, the fountain performance begins. WOW. We are so lucky to be there and watch the lighting effect and listen to the story of the establishment of the mall. It's so so nice~

Loitering around with boredom, here's the main part, my friend said it's the last night already why don't just chill out somewhere. Forgetting whose light bulb is on, suggest to watch TIGER SHOW since we do not watch it before and it's so famous here. Okay, so we all just go back to the night life street, to the dark and small pub-alike shop named EXOTICA, pay 500baht for a drink. Okay, the show is really out of my expectation, no pretty girls, no ah gua (oh, actually there's one ah gua pole dancer keeps 'electrifying' me with her eyes and clap her backside, making me so shy =.=), all are too old or too young females. It's quite disgusting and I am not going to describe about the show here. Plus there is a pervert uncle sitting beside us, keep molesting the girl. Not a good experience there.

After the show, two of my friends want to get back to hotel and pack their things for tomorrow's leaving. Left these three bad girls chill out in Banana Disco, entrance only 200baht with one free drink, and it's really clean there, non smoking club. The luminescent effect is cool there, and the white foreigners are pretty hot. The time we go back to hotel is after 2am I guess. Sleep with dizziness while listening to mumbling babbling cute 'a-bit-drunken <-- she insisted' friend.

The next morning, really early, around 6am? We wake up and get ready, back to Malaysia by the earliest flight. Why? Because CHEAP lo. Aiks, bid farewell to lovely PHUKET~ PHUKET, I MISS YOU!!!

I heart Phuket

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nebular said...

Hey!!!! Great trips and it's fine holiday. Look at the photos, sweet sweet memories it will be in your whole life. StayTune......