Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Journey to the EAST

1st June 2010

After the tiring journey from Butterworth, Penang, 9.30am, here am I in Kuantan, Pahang at 7.30pm.

Why am I late? Thanks to the stupid bus, delayed n late... The bus stopped at KL and the driver asked those who r goin kuantan (sadly, only 2 ppl) to change bus.Then, the second bus stopped at bus station and simply threw us into bus to Pahang. We even gt wet cz the stupid driver stopped damn far and it was raining T.T.

On the way to KL, sorry to be rude, i feel wana PEE badly and the bus didn't stop until I saw a big advertisement board with the words 'ARE YOUR KIDNEYS OK"? I duno wt heck is the advertisement about (anyone noe pls tell me cz I 4gt to take photo) but I felt so sad for my kidneys and luckily not long aft tat, the bus stopped at petrol station.. phew~

The bus to Kuantan fr KL is quite classY but too bad my stomach is bloated with gas and I hv no mood to admire the master-BIG-piece of BUS. The screen was showing "Ong-bak" and my stomach even bloated and feel like gonna burst when hearing the fighting sound and saw the bloody scenes =.=
"Ong Bak" is actually, erm.. quite nice but I wana... puke.... (paiseh not so clear cz no camera T.T)

But it all gone aft met my bestie and hv a treat of snow ice dessert for myself.. The snow ice is so creamy and yummy unlike the one i used to eat at oter plc~

Peanut Snow Ice.. LOVE it^^

This one is honeydew snow ice with strawberry topping but my peanut snow ice is better!! haha...

OKAY, feel xtremely tired now and i noe 2day is 9th already but Im still in Kuantan. Jx backed from Sg Lembing and the trip was so amazing.. Although the place is quite isolated cz im not gonna survive thr alone for even one day.. but the ppl, the scenery and the air n water n bla bla are so so nice. The scenery at rainbow waterfall and panorama hill are reli breathtaking. TRUST ME! Will update my Genting trip and Sg Lembing trip aft this.. SLEEPY now, hv to BBQ later, yippie~~