Saturday, June 26, 2010


After my visit to Kuantan and Sg. Lembing (refer to previous posts), my friends from Kuantan visited Penang as well.

"I am not from Penang actually but I always confused to tell people where is my hometown".

See, I was born in Cheras, KL and all my relatives are there (I back KL every year for CNY) but then moved to Butterworth, Penang due to my dad's job. Then moved to Lunas, Kedah because the houses there are cheaper (Lunas is 15 min away from B'worth so my dad still working in B'worth). People always do not know where is Lunas so I will tell I am from Kulim (Lunas is considered under Kulim as well), and I seldom tell people I am from Kedah because they will think I am from somewhere north such as Sg. Petani and Alor Setar (but please, I hang out more in Penang and just went to SP like twice and never been to AS until now??) So quite confusing huh... Show you a map, red circled one is Kulim (place that I stay) and Penang and Perak are just near~

LOL after nagging much about my hometown, start this post. When you come to Penang, what is in your mind? Of course FOOD comes first!!! (Sorry my skill is not good and being hungry all the time whenever wanna take pictures, so the pictures are not clear and attractive enough~)


#1. YAM RICE- CHAI LENG PARK: Rice with yam and fried onion + sour vege soup with pork. Erm, I don't know how to further describe in english (I know this in hokkien very well LOL) but my friends like this very much! And I just realize other place seldom has this yam rice after they told me they never eat this!

#2. SEAFOOD- BUKIT TAMBUN: a fishing village, renowned with cheap and delicious seafoods. Many restaurants are available there and this is the one I usual go. Must order foods: Fried oyster, mango kerabu, mussels, la-la, crabs!

#3. BUFFET- TAO CUISINE RESTAURANT, AUTO CITY: Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine offers ALL-U-CAN-EAT buffet with full table service and focusing on quality rather on price, only RM50++ and you get to eat all the dishes in the menu! Best thing is the service there, unlike usual buffet that you have to take the food yourself, in Tao, you order what you want to eat so it's hot and fresh! *See what've we ordered~mutton, beef, chicken, all types of fishes, takoyaki, tempura, sushi, sashimi, mussels, clams and etc!!!! They want to control the quality so only 2 outlets in Malaysia, only available in Penang but**GOOD news, new outlet is opened in Kota Damansara, KL recently.


#4. CENDOL- PENANG ROAD: famous stall at the small street, eat while standing of course~

#5. LAKSA: It's the 1st most important famous delicious delicacy in Penang but wt* I forget to take pic. Mayb tat time was starving!!! Famous ones are in Kek Lok Si, Balik Pulau and Penang Road. Wanted to try all but out of time. SAD!

#6. NASI KANDAR- PENANG ROAD: Line Clear , famous and highly recommended by people.

#7. HAWKER STALLS FOOD- GURNEY DRIVE: have ordered nutmeg juice, char keoy teow, pasembur (rojak with sengkuang and tauge, specially in Penang), squid and kangkung, cockles, fried chicken skins.

Stuffed many foods into stomach actually for this trip but missed out lotsa pitures.



ziyino said...


SuFang (Careen) said...

yo Ziyino~ long time no see.. hoho~

Yetshin Chai said...

awww i miss food from gurney drive so much!!

jfook said...

I think the crabs are a bit gross for me :P

SuFang (Careen) said...

@cammy: I like it too..
@jfook: I dun like crab so i didn't eat. Don't know the taste.. haha~

Anonymous said...

so u really as call like as nomad u know btw u r lucky ..hee ^-^

Vince G said...

The Tao Cuisine Restaurant sure has a very pleasing ambience!

Reanaclaire said...

i love penang food...

Leaf said...

Arlow my kulim town mate~
The food pictures makes me miss penang food even more...T.T

SuFang (Careen) said...

@vince: yupe, and the service is very good!
@reanaclaire:^^ me too..
@leaf: hi townmate!haha.. cum bck more often~ i always miss the food when im studying in KL.. so will lose weight thr n whenever i bck hometown, i gain weight!!

Caryne a.k.a. F-I-S-H said...

OMG! I'm kulim people!
& I just went for food trip around BM few days agooo! ;)

SuFang (Careen) said...

@fish: Another townmate met in Nuffnang!! Nice to meet u^^

Caryne a.k.a. F-I-S-H said...

Nice to meet you too! LOL!

I never meet a kulim blogger before.
This is awesome! ;)

Anyway hope you dont mind that i've linked you! Have a nice dayyy!

SuFang (Careen) said...

Hehe, LeaF芳 (above there) also from Kulim^^ Thx for linking!