Tuesday, June 29, 2010


#1. Sg Sedim Tree Top Walk in Kedah
Around 40 minutes away from Kulim, Sg Sedim Tree Top Walk (950m) is the world's longest canopy walk. You could stroll and view the fascinating floral and fauna. I only allowed to enter for the 2nd visit because it was raining during our first visit to there. The preserved tropical rain forest is a place for camping as well and it has few waterfalls there.

#2. Mengkuang Dam in Bkt. Mertajam
Mengkuang dam is a famous spot for jogging and outdoor activities. There're bridge and jungle path for jogging. I like to walk there after dinner. Simply love the spectacular view of lake and lush green scenery there.

#3. Fort Cornwallis
It's the place where Francis Light and crew landed. It's an interesting historical landmark in Penang. There're historical gallery and souvenir centre.

#4. Kek Lok Si
It is a must go place for those who go to Penang. Being the largest Buddhist temple in South East Asia, it attracts flow of visitors everyday. After renovation, the Kuan Yin temple is a new attraction of it, grand and classy. I've heard that they have to build pagoda to cover up Kuan Yin because the state government doesn't allow its display. Previously, the Kuan Yin was built with white plaster but it was damaged due to a fire and replaced by bronze statue. Old one is displayed as well.

#5. Botanical Garden
First we entered the wrong place because I never been there for so many years. We went to Taman Kuari right beside Botanical Garden and walked until the top there. LOL. That's why i felt weird and keep telling my friends last time I came here, didn't walk so long one wor.. Lousy me. But after that, we go to the correct place, it's the botanical garden I used to go when small! It's really beautiful~! I love the plants and waterfall there. Didn't take many photos there because feel paiseh, many ppl were jogging and exercised there. Haha.

#6. MOIS
The most happening club in Upper Penang Road. I went on weekday, there were nobody so we could pick any place. LOL. 3 girls, more accurate only 2 who can drink, finished up one tower of beer. Anyway, the DJ is awesome and hot!

To be continued...


v!vi@n said...

you went kulim!!!! hahahaahah..tats my hometown...but honestly i never been to the sedim tree top walk..HAHAHAHA...

k0k s3n w4i said...

i was just in penang in april and may for a month long semi-holiday :) and i go over to the island weekly. do u know that sun yat sen has a base in penang? check it out here,

Sun Yat Sen's Secret Base

SuFang (Careen) said...

@vivian, winks* u should go sg sedim tree top walk but kinda boring thr actually =P

@kok sen wai: really? cool~ checking it out now.

Nick Chan said...

Welcome to Penang. =D I want to go there tree place!!

jfook said...

When I went to Penang last time, the Guan Yin Statue construction was not ready yet. Awesome!

RaafikJahat said...

never been to all of this place. haha. btw, what a fun vacations ay. :)