Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dinner and Chilling Out at MANSION 69.

28.06.2010 Wan Yee's Birthday

Dine in Harvest In Cafe@Irrawaddy Road, Penang. That's all I love about Penang, cheap and delicious foods. Set dinner which consists of appetizer (soup of the day with bun), main course and dessert (jelly/cheese cake with vanilla ice cream) only cost RM14.90! I ordered Fusion Grilled Chicken, served with a garnish of onions and chef fusion sauce, isn't bad at all~ Varieties of western cuisine, some hardly find in other place such as honey oat chicken chop, Koh Samui Chicken etc...

Next, we go to Mansion Sixty9ine. Tell u, this place is darn NICE! It's like combining all the concepts into one, restaurant plus bar plus bistro plus club and all! A place where you can eat, play and party! You can have Italian dining there, or you could find a place outside by the beach if you want a quiet and tranquil drinking with friends. But if you wanna have FUN, sit by the pool. You can SWIM there as well!!! If you dun wanna get wet but wanna feel the water, sit at the tables on a shallow pool where you can splash and soak your LEGS! lol~ Cool right? I've grabbed some pics from their FB page.

As ex-Badlishians (2ndary schoolmates ROFL) gather again, definitely the crazy guys will do somethg crazy again. Birthday girl is the one to suffer. Guess what, they just turf her into the pool. Anyway, no grudge as they r gila gila as usual. Haha~ Besides, this is the first time i try out Tequila, like it in shot glass without mixer! Amazingly, the lemon didn't taste sour at all. LOL

The-guy-next-table came to tumpang happiness.. LOL

Cheers, birthday girl!

And last,
Happy birthday Wan Yee!!!


Hilda Milda™ said...

WOW the mansion looks damn nice! so classy :D

Nana Eddy said...

jealous since you had such a great time Xp I haven't had a holiday/ an outing for quite sometime already...

jfook said...

I like your pics. :) The desserts don't look appealing to me. :)

SuFang (Careen) said...

@hilda milda and jfook: Thanks~
@nana eddy: dun jealous, u'll have it soon =)

Bernard Chung said...


Ken said...

That place looks attractive!
Is it newly opened?
If not, Darn! I missed it! >.<

SuFang (Careen) said...

@Bernard Patrick Chung: Not really.. haha..
@Ken: I'm not sure about it.. Cum visit Penang again~^^

v!vi@n said...

I LOVE HARVEST IN CAFE PUN!!!! went there once then fall in love with it dy..totally comfy and the food is nice and cheap rite???

mansion 69, i heard my friends said its nice to have fun with the pool sumore...gotta go one day^^