Saturday, September 11, 2010

RAYA Visiting and Reunion. GOOD OLD DAYS

There will be ex schoolmates reunion on every Raya and Deepavali, visiting Malay and Indian friends who seldom meet us due to studies in different places and countries. That's the best part of Malaysia- Malay, Indian and Chinese do get along well like us despite all the political 'discrimination' issues!

This year we meet at one of our Malay friend, Fariza's house. I like her house because it is Malay style wooden house, it has its unique cooling effect and really comfortable.

Can't believe that we've been chatting for more than 5 hours, just by sitting there. Chatting different stories ranged from gossip, love to study. Each year, the topics are indeed changing little by little, last time we used to ask, "where are you studying? How's your life in university" and this year it goes like, "Are you single or taken? When are you getting married?" LOL. But I really love to listen to their stories, they are so humorous.

We even talk bad about the teachers back in secondary school, reminisce and flash back to the old times. Undeniably, we are the most naughty and funny batch, imagine the whole class trick in the test, playing truant together because we hate that particular teacher, cover for the best student who skip class (Ya, excellent student who perform extremely well in academy but hated by teachers due to 'attitude' problem).

Although we are playful, we do well in exams, in PMR, SPM and also STPM. Some of them even bring glory to school by winning all sort of competitions like debate, choral speaking and marching in state and even national level. Hence the teachers really leave strong impression on us and always talk about us in front of juniors even until now. Now, being in different countries, most of my friends doing well by taking different courses that they are interested in. Frankly, there are more than 20 of them who are studying medicine or dentistry and the rest are doing well too! Every time I go out, majority of my gang will be future doctors and they will talk about their life as medicine students, ewww =.= LOL no offence!

Well, time flies and I really miss school time ;( Secondary school is the best time i ever have. Hope can meet them again soon!

The last reunion, too small haha.. I'm the one wearing purple baju kurung!

The class I heart most, 5sc3! Spot me?


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好久不見,最近好嗎? ;)

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哇!! 你的友族朋友真多咧..