Monday, November 29, 2010

Best Steamboat!!!

Best Steamboat!!!

I entered this shop coincidentally due to its promotion on hot and spicy (ma la) steamboat. We’ve tried its “ma la” soup but it’s not so good compared to tomyam and herbal soup. Still drooling when thinking of the tomyam.

The shop name is “low ma ji” which means mother in Cantonese. I love it so much!! The seafood is very fresh and the best thing is you do not need to grill the food by yourself! Grilling will be done by them, you just need to clip the number on your plate, and concentrate on your STEAMBOAT. I love the seafood there, they have the sweet mantis shrimps and big big crabs! YUMMY!!

Each person needs to pay RM22++ for it. Trust me, it’s far more delicious than most of the highly rated steamboat restaurant that I’ve been before.

The shop is situated in Puchong, the middle shop lot opposite of Bandar Puteri. They have their own website too à



bendan said...

Puchong! Far for me.. XP
But feels like trying. Haha!!

Rolling Funbling Thug said...

Passed by the shop few times :D RM22++ is fair enough thou. How's the mantis?

Koh Kian Fai said...

bila cheng me? low ma zhi lol sounds cute ;)

J-Co said...

Personally I oso feel that "ma la" taste is weird. Perhaps not suitable for m'sian taste..

But it do sounds to be a new location for food-lover like me~
Thx ya for recommendation! Shall have a try during next sch return~ haha

SuFang (Careen) said...

@kahmon: Maybe u can try when come around =D
@Rolling Fumbling Thug: It's very sweet and meaty.. delicious XD
@Kian Fai: Mou lui cheng u laaa.. I eat till broke dy LOL
@WK: Yupe, that ma la is weird, a lot of dried chilies.. =P

pah8000 said...

wah, so fast go there liao
actually i plan to go ...
Yet some say , sunway better