Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Busy busy busy !

My blog will be in hibernation state at the moment. Am tooooo busy for this week, what a hectic semester. Let's see what I've never completed yet.

Health Promotion: This is definitely the most hated subject by all nutrition third year students in UPM now! Need to develop a full and detailed proposal for intervention program without clear guidance from lecturer. So many things to be followed up including sponsorship and application to different setting for health intervention. So many things are unsure, how to develop proposal and pass up in such short period? *headache*

Nutrition Therapy: Another unclear assignment. Need to plan meal and dietary education by taking into account all the particulars of patient. Yet the lecturer is rushing too fast because she wanna give birth in April *crying*

Research Method: Need to narrow down the research scope, choose a research title, plan the framework and write out chapter 1. Group work again. Have to review so many journals and thesis. *bang wall*

MGM (Entrepreneurship): Okay, I don't know why it's a compulsory subj for all UPM students. Actually it's interesting and fun because we can sell anything we want and generate income. BUT, we are so busy for this sem, who care about this? No time to discuss for the proposal but we need to pass up it soon too. I haven't completed the previous class assignment which is to design company logo *kill me please*

Japanese: I haven't memorize all the hiragana and katakana *oops*

KOH (Interpersonal Communication): Erm, the lecturer is cute but weird. No assignment from this subj currently but we have to act (drama/sketch) for the coming main assignment. wt.. I'm very lame in acting and the worst thing is, I have stage fear * x.x *

Lastly, it's not easy to have group work *sigh* unless everyone gives full commitment. Aza aza fighting for this sem, I will not give up. But now, I need to sleep..zz. teehee.. Nightz guys!


• Stephanie C • said...

Good luck in everything! ^^

Lilian Hii (백합) said...

Good luck, girl :D sleep well!

J-Co said...

一起加油吧!继续打拼~ ^^

Mean said...

gambateh =)