Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's me AGAIN :)

#1 Rupa-rupanya pokka dots is the trend when I was just a little girl.

#2 Sexy right xP

#3 Chubby cute girl

#4 Like a decent lady lol

#5 I love this pic the most. Like a little boss!

#6 With my brother :)

#7 Although we always fight, but he is still my one and only beloved brother.

#8 Dad was so young :)

#9 My little sis was born when I was in standard 3. She brings so much fun and joy to us :D


Casley said...

owh thats lil carren!! ^^ its fun looking at old pics..

Unknown said...

Shooo cute little careen ! :p

jfook said...

the last photo- you're the one with red shirt, aren't you? haha. sama muka jer lol

Eason said...

cuteo hc ute hahaha