Friday, January 28, 2011

Nutrition Reunion Dinner 2011

A CNY reunion dinner was held for all Nutrition students. It's the time when all the seniors and juniors could gather and build better rapport between us. Of course I have to show up once in a blue moon, or else my juniors won't recognize me :P

Departing, with Hui Beng aka *** (hints down there)
With Kristy aka super star

My buddy line: with my senior, junior and super junior :)

My table is number 7, our group name is "Yam Sheng" ('cheers' in cantonese), don't look down at us, we have the most intimidating loud voice! So "ban nai". That night we had many games such as group singing, speed mandarin eating, numbered balloon pricking and "cheong mun yan" sushi eating games (substitute with "nian gao") ignore the games' names, I simply put one. My group won for games, 2nd runner up.. hehe..

Table 7
Happy year of rabbit!

I love this pic! Cool right?

Yam Sheng!!

Guess what is this?

Don't doubt it, it's rice container.

Uncle Yong lose liao~ Punished to eat raw chili and garlic xP


Wanna talk bout this silly girl. She burst into tears by laughing LOL So cute!

Most exciting moment- Lou sang!!!

3rd year students
Group photo

Extra nice shots from Ee Von

It was indeed a blissful dinner with laughters and cheers, of course with stuffed stomachs too! Happy CNY!


Hilda Milda™ said...

Wow, so nice so fast got reunion dinner alrdy :D Got lousang some more! Happy CNY in advance, babe (:

Your Humble Servant said...

reunion... remains so elusive for me

Eason said...

WOW nicee !@!!