Thursday, February 3, 2011


Celebrating CNY in my grandparents' house in Taman Maluri, KL! One good thing for every cny is: No traffic jam for me! Why? LOL Because my hometown is in KL and I'm staying in Kulim, Kedah. So my whole family will travel to south from north every year, the very jammed road will always be the adjacent route muahaha~

When I was small and went to KL during CNY, the first building that came into my eyesight was KLCC Twin Tower. I still remember how excited we were and how we yelled when seeing the skyscraper which indicates that we gonna reach grandparents' house. Now, the view is blocked by the high cost condominiums in Mont Kiara.

Sound sad huh? Haha~

it's a cute bunny year ^^
Wish my family and friends a prosperous and super lucky bunny year !


chenta said...

happy CNY! ^_^

Mean said...

Nice pic ^^

pah8000 said...

happy CNY oh!!

jfook said...

haha you're different from others. People balik kampung from KL, but you balik KL lol

Eason said...