Saturday, April 9, 2011

26th Scientific Conference of Nutrition Society Malaysia (NSM)

The Nutrition Society of Malaysia (NSM) seeks to fulfill two main objectives which are to promote healthy nutrition in the community, in support of the government efforts to combat the increase in diet-related chronic diseases in the country (eg obesity, diabetes, coronary heart disease, hypertension and certain cancers) and advance nutrition science among the society's members.

As a nutritionist-to-be lol* we are anticipated to join NSM annual conference to update the latest nutrition knowledge locally and globally. There will be poster presentation and young investigator thesis presentation too. We're there to support our seniors and learn from them. Of course to know and understand who're our rivals from other uni as well.

It's my second time to join a conference (first time was YES conference, an eye opening one), so this time I've prepare some must-bring-along things when attending a conference- sweater and MONOPOLY DEAL. My housemates are all so into this game!!!
So basically we were there to play, eat and get all the gifts and samples from different companies such as Yakult, Vitagen, Dutch Lady, Nestle, Appeton and many more!
One big difference I could notice from different universities is the sense of competitiveness. For instance, UPM students are all so laid back while UKM students are hardworking and have kinda alertness of competition. So I could say that there's pros and cons for this :) Though I won't reveal what's the good and bad here haha xD Anyway, we should indeed enjoy our short uni life :))

All these indicate that we are going to be in the final year few months later. We have to complete our thesis for final year. Basically for nutrition students, we can choose community or lab based. Community is more on developing surveys and take the measurement from community such as children, adolescents or elderly and there's a wide arrays of topics to be chosen. I'm more interested on clinical and lab. I've been considering the topics of glycemic index (clinical- let the subjects eat the breakfast and do few times of finger pricked test to test the glucose level) and rats (lab- measure the glucose level of white rats).

Anyway, I've chosen the topic for my final year project- Effect of lingzi on glucose level and weight changes of induced diabetic rats. Wish me luck :D
Lastly for my dearest friend in UKM, we can't change the surrounding but we have to adapt and get through it with smile on face. Who knows ur smile could defeat them? ++++uuuu, I support u!!!

p/s: Visit NSM's website for more information on nutrition. There are recipes, health tools such as BMI, waist-hip ratio, heart rate and calorie burner calculator and other useful tips on healthy lifestyle. Just click the logo below!


choonhong said...

don't get what is your fyp topic. izzit saying that lingzi can help on reduce weight ?

SuFang (Careen) said...

Whether it will help to reduce blood glucose and see what's its effect on weight :)

v!vi@n said... are doing your FYP dy..means you are graduating lor?? so fun..i cant wait to graduate la..:(

Koh Kian Fai said...

Haha Can I play Monopoly Deal with you? =P

SuFang (Careen) said...

@Vivian: My third year just passed, one more year to go :)

@Kian Fai: Sure no problem ;P