Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Life as an intern at Sports Nutrition Centre of National Sports Institute, Bkt Jalil (#1 National Badminton Squad)

This is my second week in ISN, I'm glad to have internship there :D Most of you must be unfamiliar with Institute Sukan Negara right? Actually it's an institute situated at Bkt Jalil which comprised different departments from sport medicine, psychology, physiotherapy, physiology, biomechanic, sports nutrition and etc specifically for athletes. It provides different services for athletes such as gym, medical service, physiotherapy, nutrition advices, biomechanic which include the explaining of game tactics and movements and etc.. I can't remember all the details LMAO

Although the life as intern in ISN is very hectic but it's fun and I really learn a lot from the nutritionists and dietitians there. Sport nutrition is a very specific and individualized knowledge; therefore, the nutritionist needs to know each player and also educate them on pre/during/post training/competition meals. We also need to assess their body composition measurements in order to track their weight and fat changes for optimum performance.

For the first week, I'm very lucky to meet the national badminton team which includes all the squads and events because we need to conduct a cafe food satisfaction survey whereby we can chat to them to know about their sports life. Attachment for 1 week, yes! Don't envy me LOL
Of course, we are given a great chance to observe their training!

Stadium Juara, Bkt Kiara (training venue for national badminton team)

Interviewing the badminton players Datuk Lee Chong Wei and Koo Kien Kiet!

Photos!!! Wee :D

Coach Rashid

Datuk Lee Chong Wei
(catch him and Hafiz early in the morning at outdoor track where they do
their training)
Hafiz Hashim
Tan Boon Heong
Koo Kien Kiet
Wanted to take photo with Coach Rexy so so much but missed the chance because he's busy joking with the team without wearing top. So I feel SHY to ask for photo shooting LOL

Observation on the training of Koo and Tan
Failed to capture nice photos because they're to FAST!

Multi-strokes practice- the coach will throw the shutters continuously and they need to hit at different positions to different opposite spots.

In the end of the attachment, what I've seen is not the fame but it's their determination, "perspiration" lol (they change at least 2 clothes per training session) and efforts. The training is really harsh and it requires full commitment from them. Normally, they have training of around 5 to 6 times per week with 2 sessions per day. The nutritionist who is in charged of badminton told us her experience with the squads. Can't tell much here but I really impressed with the life of a full time athlete!


Koh Kian Fai said...

wah so good can interview with Malaysia top class Badminton player hehehe

SuFang (Careen) said...

Yeah never think I have this chance xD

nuttyvivi said...

omg omg omg *envy* so lucky !!

MiZz ShINcHaN said...

OMG... U 'r lucky... I wish I can meet Koo Kien Keat. I'm his big fan... :) *Jealous* hehe...:)

Lim Kai Shin said...

Ahhh.. I am so so so jealous that you got to meet them! Haha!

Unknown said...

can i know how to apply for internship there?