Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bukit Jalil Garden *Photography*

After staying at Bukit Jalil for more than 1 month, at last (I've been busy with sports assignments for the past few weeks). I've visited Bukit Jalil garden which is situated just a stone's throw away from the place that I'm staying currently.

The main reason I went there was to try to capture photos with my friend's DSLR- Nikon D3100. As a novice and amateur or even disqualified to be called in that way, these are some photos taken by me lol.

Bukit Jalil Garden is a very big garden with lush green scenery and vast vicinity of themed landscape. There are different decorations, plants and statues according to the cultures of several countries. For instances, Holland, Japan, China, Thailand, Indonesia and etc! It surprised me because the garden is really amazing!

#1 Greece

#2 Indonesia

#3 Japan
#4 China

#5 Thailand

#6 India ( I love the colourful tiles)

#7 Holland

#8 Canada

#9 Dancing dragonfly~

#10 Flowers and trees :D

#11 I don't like the fountain LMAO

During weekend, the garden will be packed of people especially families who come around here for outdoor games, jogging and even fishes watching *claps* I reminisced the childhood moment while looking at the families in the park. My dad used to bring us for movies, picnic and outdoor activities when I was small :)

#12 Feel blessed to see the happy families :) It was Father's Day when I visited the park
Cute lil girl <3

Conclusion from this visit: I LOVE GARDEN :D Can't wait to go there AGAIN!


Jam. said...

:) great job. keep it up!

Ken Wooi said...

i also didnt know bout this garden until i read this post.. quite beautiful ah.. and the fact that it features a few countries, it's even more interesting!

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SuFang (Careen) said...

Google it :P Taman Bukit Jalil hehe.