Sunday, August 14, 2011

CHILLIS is my love!

Actually I've been to Chillis for many times dy but never blog about it. Obviously I ain't a good blogger (I even can't claim myself as a blogger) lol But this time I gonna blog about this awesome meal I had there!

Apparently, my friend and I got some duno what eyes-got-blinded problem. Both of us ordered fajitas LOL come one lah, how can 2 girls finish up the super duper huge fajitas of Chillis? After the dishes are served, both of us are like.. wth why we order the same thing? We suppose to share it or order something else ROFL

Let see...

Mushroom Jack-Marinated grilled chicken with jack cheese and fresh mushrooms. Served with grilled onions and peppers.
Fajita trio-Grilled steak, chicken and spicy garlic and lime shrimp.

Look! They're almost the same *clap hand* Come with the sour cream, pico de gallo (salsa fresca), guacamole (made by fresh avocado) and tortillas. I feel proud cuz am so pro in introducing all the dressings for the fajitas... but actually.. LOL I overheard the conversation of the mat salleh couples and an Indian friend behind me! From the conversation, I guess they're having the same food as us so the American is introducing the fajitas (from the dressing to how to eat it-step by step tutorial) to the Malaysian friend.
It's really delicious! The scrumptious meat with the dressings and tortilla are 100% matched! I really LOVE the salsa fresca! The tomatoes are so fresh and juicy. Indeed, we really enjoy the food and have fun putting all the ingredients on the tortilla! LOL we have so much fun there. Moreover, we went at 3pm on weekday so not many customers in the restaurant, hence the service was super GOOD ♥ eg keep refilling the beverages, ask you whether the food is nice, keep taking away the unused stuffs on your table etc etc
Jeng jeng camwhore! My low profile friend, unwilling to show her face cuz she said she's too thin (envy to the max, feel wanna punch her so that she can bengkak and at least becum fatter joking).

I duno what to pose!

I duno duno what to pose!

The end *grin*

Mid Valley Chilli's Grill & Bar
Lot G(E) 012
Boulevard Mid Valley Megamall
Operation hours:


jfook said...

you should have their bottomless Nachos.. it's good.

Nava K said...

I remember the last time I was here with friend, it was ordering so many and then struggling to eat, the potatoes with the cheese topping was awesome.

蓓姬 Paige said...

wow, should try once...thx for sharing :P

SuFang (Careen) said...

@Jfook: Yeah I like that too!
@Nava.K: Yeah I love the mashed potato with cheese topping too!
@Paige: Yeah you should try it! I simply can't resist it :P