Thursday, August 4, 2011

My FM Birthday Bash

This happened last week but I only have the semangat to post naoooo! Proscratination tsk tsk!
So.. *clear throat* the story begins like this:
I got 2 super rock zone tickets from my bro for this event so I've attended it with my bestie :) Actually we are not a big fan of My FM cuz it's too commercialized and every time you wanna listen good music, they'll give you all these long advertisements wth So why we wanna go? Look at the poster and you'll know why!
Forget about all the aliens on the poster but there are a lot of Taiwanese artists will be attending the event! My friend really like 吴克群Kenji Wu! And I wanna see严爵 and Linda 廖语晴!! They are so cute!
So we go to Putra Stadium at Bukit Jalil (this place is so nostalgic cuz I worked in ISN for 2 months and it's just right opposite ISN!)
And guess who I met there before getting into the stadium? Actually I can't even notice him but my friend grabs my shoulder and keep saying "look there look there" So 38! And boo here he is Yean 黄俊阎. I guess many of you duno who is him, he's actually a new local singer emerges with the identity as the student of 黎升铭 who is more popular. Okay I tell you about this just because one of my other friends is really crazy over Yean which I duno why and dun understand lol
He's with his girl friends and they come as audiences as well.
Super rock zone area is right in front of the stage and we could see all the FANS holding the long banner, placard and colourful neon to support their idol! So this is the overview of the stadium.
I really like their opening.. LOL with all the exciting fireworks effect which I'm too shocked and my reflex is to cover up my eyes but not to take photo haha And they tell the audience "you could take many photos as possible because you help us to promote, you could use as much flash as you like because your flash wouldn't be brighter than our stage lighting effect, you dun need to off your hp because your ringtone wouldn't be louder than our sound effect..." wt* this is freaking cool!
AK is the ambassador for this event so they perform for many time and they even disguise themselves as PRETTY GIRLS.
Actually they are really cute but..... their singing skill need some improvement =.=
So here come the aliens- all the My FM DJ.. actually the concept of the night is "ten brothers" which is a Chinese story.. all the 10 brothers and sisters have different abilities such as the power of eyes, ears, legs and etc.
The big brother flies onto the stage *_*
Since there are quite a number of artists on that day so I just blog few of them who are famous :)
*张芸京 initially I thought she is a HE, I mean when I first saw her/him in magazine lol she is so boyish but her songs are not bad. She has a very melodious voice which the pitch and tone are in between girl and boy (nah this is a compliment)
*严爵 he is super cute and I really love his song! He's a very talented singer and producer. Everyone knows to sing his song and we're so hype up! Everyone is singing with him except me cuz I have a very bad memory esp when it comes to the lyrics lol
his famous song- 我喜欢
Then the last one-most famous one lol Kenji Wu!!! He is very macho lah! lol but I dun like to see him hitting the chest lol although my friend really likes it. I think he'll be in pain after the performance, who knows he'll be moaning in pain like an old man after this.
He's tanner and looks stronger than before lol my friend nearly fainted when he's so near and sing to us!
His famous song!

I guess I'm quite bad cuz I'm ignoring all other artists in this blog but what to do? The guys above in my blog receive the greatest applause and loudest cheer on that night.. so I just follow the situation haha
We leave earlier before the whole event ended because it's too crowded and somebody step on my foot ISH
38 again.. we met Yean again when leaving there. SO NGAM! So we 38 and take his photo (just the back lol), wanna show off to my friend who always claims to be his wife lol hope she won't be sad when she sees the girl beside Yean.
I think this event is a big success since I dun expect much from a birthday bash of radio FM. But they really make it into a very grand and fascinating one! Thumb up for My FM :) Although I still think it's very commercialized lol but look at the positive side, it's just informative, right? Hope I can get the tickets again in next year!


Koh Kian Fai said...

Kenji Wu fehmes of course la ehhehehe

so It is boring? :P

I only went Show Luo concert b4, and I think his 1 is best :P

carmentancw said...

it is a nice event!!! i hope i could be thr too...

ziyino said...

my lovely chen-i n Yen-j~~~

J-Co said...

smth special in m'sia is those DJ r more famous than the local artist XD

SuFang (Careen) said...

@Kian Fai: Not boring, have a lot of artists ma hehe!
@Carmen: Yeah next year you should go, they give out a lot of free tics.
@Ziyino: That day I'm thinking if you and Kek Ting go, sure very excited! Lol
@Wei Jie: Yea!The DJ are more like artists now!

Hilda Milda™ said...

I don't like MYfm also :P cause I'm not really into chinese/cantonese songs lol

SuFang (Careen) said...

@Hilda: Haha then you must be the fans of Hitz FM :D