Friday, August 26, 2011

Veet "My Real Secret" College Programme

Have you ever been bothered by the hair which is the only flaw on your glowing porcelain legs? While girls in other countries are preparing to flaunt their summer-ready legs, what are bothering all the girls in all-summer-days Malaysia? Don't we want to look like this too?

Although I can just show my face in my blog 
but in reality 
I need to show up as a WHOLE *lame* 

Personally, I do like short pants due to the local hot weather and I feel uncomfortable wearing jeans or long trousers. And what else inside the closet? Other than countless shorts, there are gorgeous short skirts, sleeveless tops and many more which absolutely exposing my arms and legs. And I always avoid sexy semi-transparent leggings, know the reason? I'm afraid of the apparent hair on legs which might be obvious under those pretty printed leggings!    
So here's the main point. Every girl including me has unwanted hair and unlike man, the hairier the sexier LMAO. We girls have been hesitating all the time to get rid of the hair and there are so many ways to do so. Shaving is the most economical and easiest way but the stubborn ingrown hair, itchiness, thicker regrow hair and all the problems really scare us and perhaps those around us away. 

So which way is possible the best one without any unwanted side effects? 

How to attain a desirable, touchable and perfectly smooth hairless skin without the common problems of cuts, nicks, rashes, itchiness and scrapers? 

Not until I came across these products which are a real helper for every girl *winks* Thanks VEETS for the series of products as bellow:
VEET® hair removal products as the world number 1 depilatory products are a perfect way to remove unwanted hair on nearly every part of your body no matter your skin type. The depilatory creams and wax strips are an easy way to get touchable smooth, beautiful skin that lasts longer than shaving!

Now, with the new products VEET Suprem' Essence, it even makes hair removal an easy way to go =) 

VEET Suprem' Essence series consists of cream and wax strips as other series. It's suitable for normal, dry or sensitive skin. Adding points for this product is it's enriched with a blend of essential oils and velvet rose fragrance. This is amazing and I believe that girls would be really fascinated by this rose fragrance which makes your skin smooth and refreshed.  

And it's easy to use as well. 

Try the Veet Suprem’ Essence Cream as the following simple steps:

1. Use Veet Suprem’ Essence after a warm (not hot) bath or shower when the hair is softened and pores are open.
2. Be generous when applying the hair removal cream and do not rub it in. Just smooth on a thick layer with the curved part of the specially designed spatula.
3. Relax while the cream works and leave it on for a minimum of 3 minutes and maximum of 6 minutes.
4. Once done, rinse your skin thoroughly under the shower.

And Veet Suprem’ Essence Wax Strips as following steps:
1. Rub the wax strip between your hands for approximately 5 seconds to warm the wax.
2. Slowly peel the strips apart.
3. Place the strip in the direction of hair growth, and remove it against the direction of hair growth by holding the EasyGrip Tab.
4. The faster you remove the strip, the more effective it will be.
5. Repeat the application in a consistent pattern; re-use each strip until it loses its stickiness.
6. When you have finished, remove any excess wax with a Veet Perfect Finish wipe.

And you can have smooth skin as this within minutes =D 
The Veet Suprem' Essence Cream and Wax Strips are available in Watsons, Guardian, SASA and all leading supermarkets and pharmacies at RM17.90 and RM27.90 respectively! So why wanna wait anymore? Throw away your razor and visit the stores for this lovely useful products 

Feel not confident to purchase it yet? Another good news for the girls *anticipate* VEET wants young women to feel the difference and understand that beauty is not hard to attain!

So this time, Veet is hosting the Veet ‘My Real Secret’ college programme. The college programme will be held in 6 campuses:
1.       Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) (22nd September)
2.       MAHSA University College (28th September)
3.       Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) (3rd October)
4.       INTI International University (4th October)
5.       Nilai University College (5th October)
6.       Masterskill University College of Health Sciences (6th October)

Young women will have access to:
a)      the importance of personal care and management
b)      hair removal tips and care
c)       an introduction to Veet products through a Veet Grooming Consultation Session.

And more great stuffs are await for us! Veet’s event partner, Watsons will be selling selected Veet’s depilatories in the campuses and you will be receiving discount vouchers on Veet depilatories that can be redeemed at selected Watson’s outlets. 

There are also an amazing line-up of activities such as a photo snap for FREE with your besties! What’s fantastic is that there will be limited-edition Veet spa-kit up for grabs! Also, the first 50 ladies who dump the rusty razors in the bin will get a Veet Hair Removal Cream (25g) in exchange!

I'll be in the event in UPM (can't wait for it *excited*) of course I can't show my sexy legs *thick face* during that event as local uni has strict dress code lol I can't wait to dump my stupid rusty razor.

So girls, jot down the date and see you =D


Mean said...

oh! You make me feel want to try for it! Besides, the college programme sounds exciting! Promise that I will be thr ;)

Hilda Milda™ said...

I'm not even done with my pre-post yet >.< Wow, yours is so precised and detailed!

SuFang (Careen) said...

@Mean: Let's go! =D
@Hilda: I found that it's too wordy and zzz =P

pah8000 said...

you try before?

SuFang (Careen) said...

@Pah: Hehe yes :D

蓓姬 Paige said...

wahahaha, our college also got! but sure in main casmpus la..sob sob:(