Sunday, September 11, 2011

Encouragement from daddy :)

Today dad gave me a call and shared an article he read on this morning about our education system. Suddenly he spoke to me about life and future but seriously he seldom talked to me in this serious manner. He encouraged me to have a positive disposition to life and tried to change my future. Doesn't mean what I'm studying now must be my future career as we always have a chance to change it. 

"People doesn't give a damn on what you're studying but what you can handle during working. As long as you bear interest and commit it, you could have a bright future. Forget about the past and don't blame the government or society. I can see it obviously since you're small, you're gifted so don't waste your talent. I feel sad when you said what you're studying now is useless and I blame myself because I can't afford to give you a better education. I never speak to you like this but actually I'm not stupid. I can see it. Do you really wanna be a nutritionist? You must know what you want. Once you figure it out and strive towards it, you would be excellent. Life is too short, just pursue what you like after graduating next year." 

Although it might be a random conversation between a father and daughter, but I seriously feel every word that he spoke to me. He's the only one in the world who knows me well. My biggest weakness is lack of determination and target. That's why he wants me to think what I want. Do I really wanna become a nutritionist? Since my early age, I'm good in many things but I don't really excel any of it. I never try to step out from my comfort zone. I've been thinking to be a lawyer/ fashion designer/ child medical specialist/ psychology and etc. My mind's a complete blank when applied for JPA after SPM and ended up I filled in the column with "pure science". Again I was wondering what I wanna study after STPM and ended up with nutrition. 

Anyway what I wanna focus now is my future. As the chinese saying goes, "how many 10 years do we really have in our life?" I should seize every precious moment in my life rather than stepping on the initial place and look at the past without proceeding to the next stop. I'm still in my learning process to improve myself and I'm sure it's never too late to mend. But at the moment now, I still want to continue with nutrition and pursue master/phD in overseas :) I feel grateful to have my family and home is forever the best shelter for me. I really appreciate the encouragement from my parents and sisters. Anyway this is life isn't it? Challenges are part and parcel of it. Just do whatever I feel right and live life to the fullest with a bright smile :D


蓓姬 Paige said...

Girl, go!go!go!
Grasp the chance and do whatever you think is the best for you, just what u have mentioned life is so short and there are always has the road not taken:P
my motto: 把握当下!
p/s:Ur father is so sweet :P

SuFang (Careen) said...

Thanks Paige :D Indeed your blog inspires me a lot too!

Koh Kian Fai said...

do anything you can do right now :) your decision are finals :P GG

eminey626 said...

You have a really great father (:

domokun said...

ur father is cool :)

SuFang (Careen) said...

@Kian Fai: Thanks I will :D
@Eminey @Domokun: Yeah I'm so lucky to have him as my daddy :)