Thursday, October 13, 2011

Japanese Language Festival (Day 2: #2 ゆかた Yukata)

Yukata post is finally up, keep procrastinating all my pending jobs including my proposal for final year project! Too lazy lately, think I'm evolving into PIG.
2nd day in the school! So energetic in the morning haha みなさんは おげんきですか。
In the class with the teacher, she's extremely friendly and I like her very much :) She's explaining to us about yukata. Yukata is actually their casual wear during summer :) She also teaches us how to wear it in a correct way!
The process is rather complicated, the steps from wearing to folding are quite unique lol so I can't really remember it now. Something wrong with my psychomotor I guess. Slow in picking up haha 
Do I look like Japanese girl? Haha *thick face* I like the bow, so CUTE <3
An Indian girl wanna take photo with me haha maybe I'm too かわい *thick face again* LMAO
With my housemates =D
Housemates and sensei :D
That's all hahaha a very short post, cuz I'm having Japanese language test tomorrow. Need to study. Ciao~


jfook said...

Wahhh the ribbon so big at the back haha. =D Cuteness.

Hilda Milda™ said...

I wanna wear a yukata one day too! :D So kawaii. All the best for your japanese language test (: