Friday, October 28, 2011

Nutrition Course Night 11' 花花世界

It's course night again. Every year we'll have a prom to let us know our first year juniors, watch their performance and have fun together :) This year the theme is flourish world 花花世界 Actually I'm not really fond of this theme because we had enough of FLOWERS during our year with the theme of Hawaii night LOL so again, this year we'll be bombarded by all the colourful dresses and decorations.

#1 Backdrop of the night. 
#2 Random shot by my friend! :D
#3 My housemates! :)
#4 My roommie Ee Von! Isn't she cute and adorable? :)) She won best dress of the night wow *clap clap*
#5 Hui Beng. She's our former course queen hehe
#6 Hong Mean. The cool so called Korean girl :D Don't make mistake, is a SHE *grin* later she'll smack me
#7 The capable workaholic Min Li :)
#8 The creative Yen Teng
#9 The superstar wannabe Kristy. Anyway she's talented in singing and dancing. *Spotlight on her*

#10 Ta-da The cute meow Ziyino. Didn't manage to take photo with her haha She's extremely afraid of cats but cats really LOVE her and always follow her haha she has this cats aura. And she has a blog too with her own drawings :)
#11 She's an ORANGE :)
#12 My coursemate Hui Kee. We were from the same primary school in Butterworth, Penang and took the same bus everyday until I moved to Kulim, Kedah when I was standard 5. We lost contact and never see each other anymore. Then I met her on the 1st day of orientation! I still recognized her, what a small world huh :) we are coursemate now!!!!
#13 Yi Lu :) We share the same preference! We both love TOTORO and Hayao Miyazaki :D
#14 Mabel. The tallest girl in my course and perhaps my fac hehe :) We both are emcee for 2nd year coursenight :D
#15 Roujie :) Her skin is always fair haha like snow white
#16 Jing Jing. She's a really nice and helpful girl :)
#17 Hui Sian and Pei Jian. Both of them are really cute and humourous!
#18 Course photo!
This is the last year of my nutrition course night. Feel sad to graduate, I still wanna study :( and I don't feel wanna leave my besties. Although 4 years seem long but I still can't know other coursemates well. Anyway, wish all of us good luck with final year project and have a bright future :)
"I still remember vividly my first year course night, the joy of rehearsing the drama and watching other shows specially presented by us as the juniors :D Then I reminisce the "sorrow" of memorizing the emcee script with my partner and watching others busy for the night during second year. Skip the course night during my third year O.o and here comes final year, I enjoy the show very much with mixed feeling :D 
Thanks for giving me such beautiful memory that couldn't be effaced as part of my lovely uni life =)"


Mean said...

Nice post! especially like photo #12 :)

Koh Kian Fai said...

overall I think you looks great :P

because you 谦虚 hehe

ziyino said...

how come i dint take photo with u ya?hahaha...

Hilda Milda™ said...

Woo, I like the theme. So cute! I like yr friend's dress who won the best dress and yours is nice too (: The course only 4 guys one ah?

SuFang (Careen) said...

@Mean & Kian Fai: Thanks :)
@Ziyino: Yea lo, why hah? I guess too many cameras on that night lol
@Hilda: Thanks :D We only have 6 Chinese guys lol

Anonymous said...

Wow Kristy's hair damn yeng lor. haha. And you look stunning!

Second photo is awesome. =)

SuFang (Careen) said...

@Jun Fook: Thanks :DD