Sunday, November 20, 2011

HA Party

The first time to attend this kind of event, thanks to Jun Fook for the free passes! Obviously he's the self claimed "bad influence" of UPM students lol I get to attend with my friends :) No longer the good girl who like to study at Library *cough* 
Just one word to describe the party, it's so awesome! We're standing right in front of the stage, with all the cameras around us lol we're actually blocking some of them cameramen haha All of us are so hyped up, everyone sings and dance along with the performances of special guests of the night! 
Some shots of the night.

#1 The party!
 #2 First time trying Hennessy, and I particularly love Hennessy Apple :D 
#3 Park Jung Ming. He sings surprisingly well :D
#4 Landy Wen. she's so so HOT and SEXY!
#5 Chris Willis. Awesomeeeeee
#6 Yolanda Be Cool. They're just so COOL lol
#7 Me and my friends!

And I remember I keep drinking because I'm not really good in dancing or what lol the next morning of course hang over and bla bla kinda like morning sickness of pregnant women haha I keep bugging my friends to deliver snow flakes due to after effect of alcohol that makes me feel extremely thirsty.. so a kind reminder to all, don't drink too much alcoholic beverages, especially when the drink is kinda sweet and deceives you as if it's a mocktail LMAO 


Anonymous said...

Wowww you got the clearest photo of the stars ever.

FiSh said...

glad that you enjoyed, hahas so the advice is dont drink too much next time :)


SuFang (Careen) said...

Yeah later hangover not good lol

SuFang (Careen) said...

@Jun Fook: Thanks for the compliments hahaaha it's Kristy's camera :D