Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy birthday to me :) 061111

Officially I'm getting older AGAIN. It keeps repeating every year and I feel emo to celebrate my birthday lol it makes me keep thinking I've wasted my 23 years without accomplish anything... LOL instead of celebrating my birthday, I appreciate mama more because that was the day she experienced so much pain to give birth :O

Anyway, a big THAKKKIUUUU for my <3 housemates to have dinner with me and give me a sweet card and birthday cake! Glad to have them in my uni life and perhaps the rest of my life, friends forever! hehe :) 

#1 Dinner with housemates @Bubba Gumps, Sunway Pyramid.
 #2 We're so kiam siap, 4 girls share 1 drink and another couple shares 1 drink. See the difference between    these lol
#3 The conclusion is all the waiters there named Forrest. So keep running ForrestS! LMAO 
#4 Roomies!
 #5 Couple of the day.. so yin ngan.. >.<" (I bet she won't read my blog, or else she'll kill me!)
#6 <3 <3 <3 

#7 Next day lunch @Watami, Pavilion :) 
#8 Me ^^
#9 Okonomiyaki~!
 #10 I love LALA!!!!
#11 Sushi :)

And and and, I've watched "You're the apple of my eyes" on my birthday! I feel damn emo after watching it, haha! I wanted to return to my secondary school life SO MUCH! It was the happiest moment! I love my secondary school life and classmates! We lepak, ponteng and study together! Play hard and study smart! I miss the way we learn together and encouraging each other. We even attend tuition together.. and until now, my chemistry tuition teacher still talks about us to our juniors, like saying how naughty we are but yet we score well in tests haha! XD She even remembers the particular seat of each student! So niceeee~ and all the students, including Malay, Chinese, and Indian in my class mingle well :D Can you believe that the top student in my class is a ponteng kaki and smoker? haha but he's very nice and I remember how we cheated to teacher and said he was having diarrhea when he ponteng class LOL I used to sit at the last row in class with 3 Indian boys and 2 Chinese girls. Together we kacau kacau and have fun =) but I seldom contact them now, since all of us are busy with study.. 3 of them are taking medic, 2 nutrition (including me lol), and 1 chem engineering but he's going to work in Aus, departing today! Wish him best of luck :)) 

Okayy back to the topic about my birthday.. getting too hype up when talking about my secondary school life. Obviously I had so much fun in secondary school :D 

#12 We back home early after watching movie. Thought would call it a day, manatau my friends surprise me with a birthday cake! So cute, it's HEART!
#13 Spot the lovely card made by Kristy! So sweet~
#14 Cake again~

Afterwards, we went for a drink in Library. Actually we wanna go Mist Club, but sth wrong with the gps *joke of the year, so sia sui*.. so we decided to become good girls.. "study" in Library Mid Valley loh! 

#15 @Library Mid Valley
#16 I'm so chubby! >~<

That's all.. Need to study for test.. haha Ciao~ xoxo


HOIYEE said...

Happy Birthday :) First time visit to your blog.Nice blog:)

Most Desirable said...

Hi, happy belated birthday! Wow, so much eating and so much food, lucky you!! Pls do read my story, thks:)

carmentancw said...

nice birthday celebration... ^^

SuFang (Careen) said...

Thankiuuu all of you :)

Hilda Milda™ said...

Happy belated birthday! So sorry for the late wish T_T did you cry when yr roomate surprise you with the cake? Your eyes looked swollen. Awwww (': Awesome birthday celebration btw!

SuFang (Careen) said...

@Hilda: Thanksss! so sweet of you :D nope didn't cry but feel so so touched!

Koh Kian Fai said...

Happy Belated Burpday to you <3 :P

SuFang (Careen) said...

Thanks Kian Fai :D