Saturday, December 31, 2011

Farewell 2011 Embrace 2012

I'm definitely a lazy bum! My blog is in hibernation mode for many days since I'm darn busy this few weeks. Anyway thinking a lot of things lately like planning what to do after graduation, YES I'm gonna graduate next year around May-June! Time flies, every moment in UPM is awesome LOL but the only disappointment is I think what I have learnt is not much relevant to Nutrition. Wasted all my study time there :/

Anyway why this post is on? Of course I gonna flash back what have happened in 2011 :) 2011 is another ordinary year for me but a little changes occurred if compared to previous years. And guess what I always been thinking this might be last year of celebrating all the events with my dearest friends in UPM as next year we might be apart to pursue what we choose after graduation :) So let's start all the wonderful things encountered in 2011 on this last day of the year!

#1 Of course the most fruitful event of this year is the internship in ISN. It was the most awesome moment ever as I've learnt many things ranging from nutritional knowledge includes supplements, anthropometric measurement, nitritional advice and education, to become a stalker of muscular sportsmen LOL I also made a bunch of new friends from there too! Guess what was the comment from my supervisor, I'm hardworking haha but too quiet!! She encouraged me to speak more, ask for their help and socialize, in order to gain more knowledge and opportunities.  I always know I have this problem, haha I feel shy to talk unless I'm really familiar with them! :P I truly cherished the moment there, had so much fun working there because they're not only working, but will go makan-makan and jalan-jalan together! :))
Sukan Malaysia (Previously known as SUKMA) 2011 :)
Visit the park with Ms. Chai and Dr. Liz
Acting before dinner lol

#2 Next is my part time work in International Furniture Market. Too bad I didn't take photos there! This is the first time I've been working like so "in-depth" lol Actually it was an exhibition of furniture company located in MAEPS, Serdang. First 2 days I was in the operation team, looked after the whole hall because the construction was carried out there to construct the wooden floor and the booth. It was a whole new experience since I never witness the whole process of construction for an exhibition. I can see how they carry all the woods, more correctly is the materials looked so "MISERY" but they can make it into a grand and awesome booth! I was like a contractor haha wore mask since the environment was dusty and dirty, and had a walkie-talkie, ordered the workers to wear pass and directed them here and there! LOL Then when the site was ready for exhibition, I turned into a receptionist at information counter haha. Although the job was really tough especially in operation team because many conflicts occurred between the contractor and organizer, and we were the ones always got scolded by both sides. But in turn, I've learnt a lot of new things :) like how to deal with people and look into the reality of working.

Manage to steal one pic from others *winks*

#3 And it didn't stop here! Next one is.... *ta da* I finally enroll in Japanese language course! I'm interested to learn this long time ago but didn't manage to register due to my timetable. Japanese language is interesting and fun! Now I can understand the drama and anime (a bit la, still need to rely the subtitles) and can act half Japanese hahaha who knows I'll further study in Japan and make full use of what I've learnt :P

First time wearing Yukata *excited*

#4 Also, in this year, I've attended NSM Scientific Conference which is an important event for all the nutritionist in Malaysia to share the updated scientific evidences and studies (although I spent most of the time eating and sleeping there). Next year will be my batch to present but this conference is focus more on community health, while my study is on nutritional science. Anyway I'll be there to support my coursemates haha it's always an intense "fight" between UPM and UKM lmao
 With Dr. Tee, the president of Nutrition Society Malaysia
Everywhere we go-oh~ we must take photo-oh~ 

#5 Malacca backpack trip with friends! I've decided to join at very last minute because I think Malacca is a boring place. But I was wrong! I had so much fun for this trip :) The food there are delicious!! I had the chance to taste mille crepe, Nyonya cuisine, Portuguese cuisine, fried oyster and cockles :) Also got to know the comfortable and extremely nice guest house- Tang's House to stay over. Thanks to my friends for planning this out so successfully.

#6 Attended the course night, this might be ordinary for all of you but not me! This is the last year of attending course night in UPM :)) Glad to know the cute juniors. They're awesome!

#7 Hennessy Artistry Party! Cool and fun. First time attended this kind of party :) enjoyed it very much lol

#8 Finally not to forget all the meaningful celebrations with my friends :))
CNY feast with coursemates!!

Course BBQ after stressful proposal presentation!

Winter solstice festival with housemates <3

 Christmas with my bestie!

That's all for my 2011 :) Now it's time to move on to the better year, let's embrace 2012 <3 !!


Xue Ren said...

i like the watermelon! :D

Hilda Milda™ said...

Seem like an eventful year ~ so nice get to graduate soon alrdy! :D

Isaac Tan said...

Happy New Year Careen, life does look good for you in 2011, lets make 2012 an even better one! :)

SuFang (Careen) said...

@Xue Ren: You should cut one! haha very easy to cut it :D
@Hilda: Yes but feel sad to leave my friends :(
@Issac: You too! Happy new year :)

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