Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CNY what's my say

It's Chinese New Year yet I feel so bored to stay in KL. I no longer yearn to get angpow, feel excited to tear it and look how much money I get and no longer look forward Chinese New Year's holidays. Haha I guess this is the effect of growing up lol Last time, I went to visit my great-grandma in Klang but I have not been there for many years after she passed away. I cherished the moment to be with my grandpa, to listen to his funny stories with silly gestures and boast about the time when he was a police sargeant. Time passes, things change, and people do change as well.

Anyway, forget about the sad things. This festive season is a great time for family reunion especially meeting my bro and sis. Since our relatives are quite few (my mom has an unmarried bro, my dad has a sis), we enjoy playing ourselves haha like mahjong and poker LOL

The only day that keeps me busy is on 2nd day of Chinese New Year when all the grandaunts and granduncles visit my grandma's house. Every year I'll feel shy at this moment since I don't have topics to chat with them yet I need to be in living room as a good and polite young lady LOL Sometimes they'll ask me couple of questions haha So here are the typical questions to be asked by uncles and aunties! haha XD

#1 Studying or working?

this leads to study at where? which uni? what course?
Hmm.. in Serdang.. UPM.. Nutrition

#2 *Paused* Ohh nutrition not bad.... why don't you study medic or dentistry?
Not interested.. and dentistry is kinda boring.

But they EARN a lot..

#3 So.... what should I eat if have GOUT/ wanna LOSE WEIGHT/ ETC.....??
Hmm.. *pretend to be professional although that's more on the job scope of dietitian* Ahhh don't eat this and that and that bla bla bla..

#4 (In order to avoid the topic of nutrition) Ahh got boyfriend?

This leads to...
Impossible lah.. sure got in school one.. no meh?

No wo.. my course mostly girls lah HAHAHAhahahahaaaaa *awkward*

Sure you picky lo..
Hahahahahaha *awkward max again*

So...I'll play my cellphone or do something else to avoid the awkward moment.

And this ends the second day of Chinese New Year and I'll be forever boring again until I back to Kulim, Kedah! I moved to Penang when I was small until Standard 5, so I've lost contact with most of my friends there. Therefore, most of my best friends are in Kedah! That's the time I look forward the most! :D So I gonna back tomorrow yeah! Wanna see them very much :)

Haha just a random post or rant since I'm so free and boring now.. LOL so again I wish all of you happy Chinese New Year and have a prosperous and lucky dragon year :)



test said...

I guess every CNY gathering the same question will pop out? the only logical is that relatives wanted to save money in giving angpow and same time , we start to give angpow asap if married XD

Anne Lee said...

Happy Chinese New Year to you too. hope you have a great time catching up with ur old frenz.

Ken Wooi said...

CNY is so CNY.. same old questions by the relatives everytime! LOL

FiSh said...

lol relatives always come with these types of questions. if you have cousins of your age, then they'd even compare results ==

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SuFang (Careen) said...

@Spectre: Yes so you fast fast give angpows!
@Anne: Hope you had a great time too =)
@Ken: That's their way to show concern and love LOL
@Fish: Yes result is another thing. BORING.