Friday, February 10, 2012

Love chocolates

Do you love chocolates? I believe most girls love them.. we just can't resist the sweetness of chocolates when they melt in our mouth and perhaps our heart *wow but I still don't understand why we give chocolates during Valentine's day? Someone please explain.. why not candy.. or bento.. or cake... or something else? 

And something wrong with me lately, I keep buying chocolates lol! Maybe I wanna purchase all the chocolates in the market and make it unavailable during Valentine's day =D #justkidding I love chocolates but currently I have chocolate overdose sickness *vomit* I feel sick when I see chocolates now. So I give most of the chocolates to my family =D Anyway these are the chocolates I bought from Beryl's during CNY promotion.   Darn cheap, bought so many chocolates and only cost less than RM100. Anyway Beryl's is not my favourite except the chocolate mint. Chocolate mint is quite hard to be found =/ 

Apparently I got nothing to do so I take the photos of chocolates =.= 

Ahhah I like this- Macadamia is the best nut I've tasted! I remember my dad bought whole large packet of wasabi flavoured macadamia from New Zealand. So crunchy and delicious! But I can't find them here =(

Tiramisu white chocolate.. and See see, mint and bitter! My favourite <3
So what's the difference between white and dark chocolate? White chocolate is actually consists of cocoa butter (the fatty component separated from the dark colour solid of cacao), thus it is white in colour and lacks of the antioxidant component. 

This is the cacao bean, cute not =D


Anyway I think I have too many of them.. I need to distribute free chocolates to my friends during Valentine's day or else I would die from diabetes or obesity lol 

So are you a chocolate lover? *winks*


test said...

chocolates!!! agghn must crtl self

Koh Kian Fai said...

I am chocolate lover lol . . . but Last time saw the choco bean and now u showing the choco bean is so beza lol

pah8000 said...

i want....
i used to pluck coco bean in my home town

Anonymous said...

hi where you buy ur beryl mint and bitter ?

SuFang (Careen) said...

At the Beryl's factory in Seri Kembangan :)