Thursday, March 8, 2012

@PLAYGROUND w/ sis and puppy

#1 Okay we not yet depart to the playground. Just wanna show a disgusting comic book. I don't understand why both of my sis read this kind of book YUCKS

#2 Here is my puppy. Its name is Little Mi =D Cute right?

#3 Its favourite pet- duckling. I bought this from the baby garments department haha

 #4 Both of my sis love animals. This is my youngest sis. She always takes care of the pet, like washes the cage, bathes and feeds Little Mi. I suggest her to become a vet in the future. My another younger sis is very kind as well, she's like that kind of girl who will bury the dead bird by the roadside. LOL

#5 Playground time! Just walk around..... miss my childhood. I can't really play there, don't want to break the stuffs...later children say I bully them.

#6 Is this a horse or what??

#7 I miss this =) Now backside too big, can't play this LMAO

#8 My younger sis. A low profile girl. I'm prohibited to publish her pic :P So "half-face" will do.

#9 An epic one. She gonna kill me lol

#10 Why last time I didn't realise there're so many rules in the playground? Oops


Anonymous_X said...

Lol. Nice pics. But why the comic book is disgusting? :)


Nava Krishnan said...

Your puppy is so cute and love that colors on him.

Charlie said...

there's always been rules, just that they are meant to be broken =X

Henry Tan said...

the slides not made of plastic? butt pain! =S haha

FiSh said...

i havent been to a playground for ages! T_T how sad

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