Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tanjung Sepat

Finally I have the chance to visit Tanjung Sepat, after hearing so many positive feedbacks from my friends. Normally what I heard about Tanjung Sepat are "the seafood is cheap.", "the Lover's Bridge got nothing to see, and it's longggg and horrribbblleeeee.", "hey you know there's a mushroom farm where you can even see them planting Ling Zhi?", and again "the seafood is cheap and delicious"........hmm so I gonna see these by myself lol. So I tried to google about Tanjung Sepat and the itinerary of one day trip. And ta-da! I have been there by myself. Therefore I would like to begin my post by introducing this.... 

You know why? It is simply because every time I google about Tanjung Sepat, this will pop out. So I guess Tanjung Sepat trip is definitely incomplete without............. the soft and fluffy steamed bun of Hai Yew Heng. Their buns are popular, fast-selling and of course YUMMY. They even sell their buns in other places because I could see their vans on the way to Tanjung Sepat, but I don't know the exact places they go, maybe some kopitiams lol. 

#2 The most popular ones are pork bun and green beans bun! I've tried them, and they're really delicious! 
#4 The owner is very friendly, she allows me to take photographs on the process of making buns! 
 #5 Cute right?
 #6 These irresistible little buns, I wanna have more!
Hai Yew Heng 海友兴 (手工海南包)
405,Jalan Pasar,42800 Tg Sepat, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

The second place I wanna introduce is Kwo Zha B Coffee. It is located next to Hai Yew Heng and run by a friendly family. They plant and manufacture fresh and fragrant coffee =D I've tried the kopi-O, not bad I would say. 

#2 There is a scent of coffee bean in the air once I step into the shop. They demonstrate the way to "fry" the coffee bean and the process of making it.
#3 Another famous shop in Tanjung Sepat.
Kwo Zha B Facebook page- http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kwo-Zha-B-Coffee/147307151954687?sk=info

After this I head to the Ling Zhi farm as mentioned by my friend earlier. There are some information on different mushrooms, but nothing special to me. Anyway I have tried the Ling Zhi juice produced by them, claimed to have beneficial effect on body systems. The result is my friend and I can't even finish up the small bottle of Ling Zhi juice. It is toooo bitter. Gosh but Chinese traditional medicine always tastes bitter right..yucks

#1 Ling Zhi (hard like wood, out of my expectation LOL)
 #3 The bitter juice. Perhaps you can give it a try :P

#5 Dried Ling Zhi, used for improving health.. like usual traditional medicine, boiled with water from idk how many bowls of water until idk fewer bowls of water.
Ganofarm Homestay Sdn Bhd (宝芝林度假屋)
Lot 700,Jalan Laut Membiru, Taman Pelangi, 42800 Tanjong Sepat, Selangor.
I think that's all for this post LMAO
Sorry for the abrupt ending because I have tonnes of assignments to do. I promise to continue Tanjung Sepat post on SEAFOOD, LOVER'S BRIDGE and more photographs to come! Stay tuned =D


Hilda Milda™ said...

Where is Tanjung Sepat? Sounds familiar though.. you went on a road trip alone? :O

SuFang (Careen) said...

With a friend :) It's near to Morib.

Jobless Girl said...

The pao there is superb nice and is the best pao that I had ever.

FiSh said...

i didnt know that tg sepat is famous for their buns. but i appreciate their hand work despite of the mass production

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