Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tanjung Sepat (2)

Finally my second post of Tanjung Sepat is up. Yes I'm busy but no more rantings (no time to do so lol) Just kidding Back to the topic, this post I gonna highlight on the Lover's Bridge :)

The local shop
It's located beside Lover's Bridge. I dunno how to "address" this shop.. perhaps it's omiyage/souvenir shop? they sell a lot of things- mainly local products, foods, beverages.. and "lap chap" stuffs. The decoration is attractive, like 24/7 in Chinese New Year mood :D merry and blissful The children also love to buy ice-cream and ice pop from this shop too!

#1 The prosperity god!
#2 The traditional malt candy
#3 Flower's decorations of the shop :)
#4 There's a place where we can take photos with  a lot of traditional old stuffs prepared by the shop's owner.
#5 The wishing tree

Ocen Seafood Restaurant
It's located right next to the bridge. I guess everyone who has been to Lover's Bridge will have meal at here. This shop is kinda famous, with the delicious seafood they serve and the price is reasonable as well. However, I feel very disappointed because the service is extremely bad. Perhaps the WORST service I ever received. My friend and I dined in when the uncle (boss maybe?) was having lunch with his family. Then he approached us and asked us what to eat.. below is the conversation between us:

Uncle               : "What you wanna eat?" disdainfully*
My friend         : "Any recommendations?"
Uncle               : "Here got NOTHING SPECIAL."
My friend and I: "Hmm......." 
Uncle               : "Faster... I'm having lunch." WTH YOU THINK YOU ARE OUR CEO?
My friend:        : "then we want fried oyster and... lala."
Uncle               : "Okay oyster.. lala.. how to cook it?"
My friend         : "Here often cook with what?"
Uncle               : "Hmm... whatever you like.. you want fishball soup?"
Me                   : Okay okay fishball soup" cuz the uncle is getting more impatient
Uncle               : "So I repeat your order. Only fried oyster and fishball soup."
Me                   : "Just now we also ordered LALA."
Uncle               : "Oh. you didn't say wanna cook with what, so I assume you DON'T WANT LALA." 
My friend         : "We want steamed lala.. that's all." DAMN YOU UNCLE

LMAO I don't know what's wrong with the uncle. Maybe his shop is famous so he acts SHIT. I forgive him because I ASSUME he's having ANDROPAUSE. 

Fine.. apart from the shitty service, the food is actually not bad. 

#6 The restaurant's menu
 #7 The UNCLE
#8 The NOTHING SPECIAL dishes quoted from uncle

The Lover's Bridge
Actually I don't know why it's called Lover's Bridge.. perhaps there's a love story behind this? :) Here are some shots of Lover's Bridge.

Tanjung Sepat definitely worth a visit =) Half day tour is enough to enjoy the serene and peaceful lil town.


Koh Kian Fai said...

that chooi san yeh looks so awkward eh, macam can move XD

jk jk

Koh Kian Fai said...

nothing special? LOL

the oyster looks good eh? :)

u and who went? LOL

SuFang (Careen) said...

@Kian Fai: yea yea looks like real one lol that uncle said the food in his restaurant is not special ma.. went with my bestie haha

Hilda Milda™ said...

The lover bridge is really nice (: and omg that uncle really sibeh rule lo -_- if me, I'll straight walk out of the shop..

SuFang (Careen) said...

@Hilda: That uncle was a real mood spoiler!!

Henry Tan said...

hmmm the last time i went there their service was okay wor. that uncle really shitty! u all should just go away!!

SuFang (Careen) said...

@Henry: Maybe that day uncle got mood swing.. we stayed there cuz duwan argue with him.. but I thk I'll never back there again.

J-Co said...

What a conversation! Seems like he don't want to do your business at all..
I wonder why most of the Malaysia fishing village sure will hava a lover's bridge? =D

Anonymous said...

just dropping by to say hi