Sunday, May 20, 2012

Craft Brews @Mutiara Damansara

Late night hang-out with the girls yesterday after the stressful viva presentation, regardless tonnes of assignments are still waiting for us. The reason for late night simply because we wanna take a nap after viva, AFTER so many days of sleep deprivation lol. 

So move on to the spot of our hang out place- Craft Brews@Mutiara Damansara. I wanted to go there since I've watched a Taiwan travel TV programme, whereby the host visited and introduced S'pore Red Dot brewed beer. The owner of Red Dot was an engineer initially if I am not mistaken, after trying out the home brewed beer during a visit to South Africa, he signed up for a course of microbrewery in US. Then, he returned to Singapore and opened up RedDot Brewhouse. The specialty is the various beers with different colours and ingredients. The green coloured spirulina beer can't be get rid out of my mind after watching the programme.

And... the most exciting part is. RedDot beer is available in Craft Brews! So I wanna give it a try sooo much :)

#1 Craft Brews menu

#2 My green beer spotted! (Price for half pint is RM19)

#3 Price- half pint RM19, one pint RM31. 

#4 Funny quote on the table lols what's the relationship between a woman who loves beer and a guy who gonna conquer the world? i wonder..

#5 Love the decoration! btw they also sell Rogue beer :D

#6 Beerlympics! Cool

#7 Our beers!

#8 Friend <3

Winni we used to call the winnie the pooh :D

Ee Von my lil cute sexy roommate (I should hide my face behind hers)

Mean yes she is a handsome girl (she gonna whack me) (spot the V, not me definitely)

Back to Craft Brew, a nice place to hang out. But frankly, I still prefer ordinary beer :P Anyway you may give it a try, the food is not bad too according to other bloggers (but I not yet try it) Here's their FB page.



Nikel Khor said...

want to visit there long time edy!

FiSh said...

colorful drinks look interesting :) i wanna go there too!

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