Wednesday, June 6, 2012

NSM Scientific Conference

Final sem is the most busy uni life for me.. constantly loaded with heavy schedule include assignments, presentations, tests, lab work, and thesis writing. Currently still busy preparing for final exam, thesis and assignments. Few days more to settle all these stuffs before I could finally yell out out that I GONNA GRADUATE!!!! so be patience... few days more....... sigh* things don't really go well according to schedule. I've missed out few invited activities recently included Yuna Sparkle Project music video launch and London Summer Musical premier. 

Anyway graduation is not really a good news for us nutritionists though. Good thing would be I'll be freed from this boring UPM where I've wasted my precious youth and has been AGING there (grew more wrinkles I think). Bad thing would be most of us are in a predicament where we can't really weasel out- WHAT TO DO NEXT. Further study? Hunt for job? Gov or private? Medical sales rep? Bombarded with all these questions...... without a way out. I'm kinda speechless for this 4-years course. Don't wanna criticize it anymore because it has both positive and negative perspectives. But what I wanna say is nutritionist has good job prospect in overseas but not really in Malaysia.    

Well stop with those rantings.. Of course there're some things that I won't be regretted. I've known a bunch of great friends in UPM :) Learned a lot from each of them. Joined activities.. and GROW (not aging) stronger and more independent. I'm proud to have the nutrition knowledge. so by the time I graduate, I gonna update a blog post regarding nutrition, maybe weight control? I dunno :) not yet figure it out. but surely I'll present a big MALAYSIAN FOOD PYRAMID to all the readers (if there's any LMAO)

So.. I've been in dilemma a while ago regarding my future but finally have made up my mind. Waiting for the good news now (hopefully) before I announce it to everyone on what I gonna do next. If it's a bad news then I might think of the alternatives such as further study on master (overseas) or phD (local uni)? or working maybe?

Well well well.... just wanna show some photos on Scientific Conference of the Nutrition Society of Malaysia. Last year I've attended the conference and blog about it. SO FAST, 1 yr passed in a blink of eyes. Last year, I played with my friends, slept, ate.....lalala in the conference... this year again.. but with an extra role- as the poster presenter. and....I skipped the second half of the conference on the 2nd day.. went to PC Expo and Mickey Mouse Fair in Mid Valley BAD ME

#1 The location of the conference
#2 Useful nutrition handbooks and informative booklets
#3 Friends from UPM :D
Yeah! Housemates rock!
Mr. Thomas. who has the brain of Thomas Edison. 

#4 Great friends from UKM
with John Chong :) Friend from UKM who won the champion of young investigator presentation.
Nadia, my ISN best teammate ever :)
Jolene. My bestie since secondary school

#5 Seniors from ISN (National Sports Institute-where I've done my internship)
Glad to meet them :) They've presented few posters and oral presentation too!

All the photos were taken on the second day of conference except the last one from the camera of Nadia. I've brought my camera on first day but didn't manage to take any photos. BECAUSE I BROUGHT MY CAMERA WITHOUT MEMORY CARD INSIDE! the usual blurrrrrrr me.


Marcus said...

Su Fang, you're cute. Nice blog by the way :D

FiSh said...

sounds like a very formal event. everyone wears so nice one!haha. enjoyed yourself?

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