Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My short hair

I always prefer short hair rather than long hair.. I'm the lazy type who hates to have long long hair which requires more works in washing and drying it.. lol and I rather hate the feeling during a hot sunny day, long hair makes me feel extremely uncomfortable. This may be due to my forever dolly hair during my primary and secondary school. I used to have medium dolly hair all the time and my mom was the one cut my hair. 

These are several short hair-style that I like! I think they look prettier with short hair. Don't you think so?

Emma Watson. She looked really confident and smart with this hairstyle!
Tavia Yeung. I love this, rather than her long hair :) in face, many girls like to imitate her hairstyle now!
Keira Knightley. Love this bob hairstyle on her :)

Lenna Lim. I truly think this suits her more since she's very thin..long hair like very heavy lol 

Every time after I cut my hair, I would receive lotsa comments from friends. Most of the girls would say I look younger with short hair, short hair suits me etc Conversely, all the guys would say I look better with long hair, it's such a waste to cut my hair. So the conclusion is guys definitely like girls with long hair lol Even the hairstylist would ask twice like "You really wanna cut your hair? You won't feel sad?" My reply would be the same every time, "Anyway my hair will grow." cold-hearted huh haha.. I'm not the girly girl who will cry over short hair, if it's not pretty...whatever.. 

Another thing of my laziness is I'm not the girl who likes to wear "thick" make-up on the face.. for me, I feel extremely lazy to remove the make-up, and I think it's not good for skin. It's rather fake too.. like if I didn't wear make up, the people around me won't recognize me or I might scare them at night like vampire. So eyeliner and concealer will do. But I love to see how other girls doll up themselves :) like Cheesie, Xiaxue, Audrey etc I think they're really cute, look like Japanese! :)) Who don't like to see cute and pretty girls anyway? Such eye-candy (~.~)

So how about you all? You like short, medium or long hair? :P I'm very interested to know especially from the girls. guys no need laaaa, I know you all prefer long hairrrrr lol


Xue Ren said...

i love ur short hair!! :D

Mean said...

Looks pretty :)