Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bangkok (Day 2)

Here comes Day 2 in Bangkok! And here comes Chatuchak Market, the ultimate shopping heaven!! *drum roll*

Outfit of the day.. simple and comfortable for a walk in market! ;D
Kicked off with a map in hand! Chatuchak Market is soooo big, quite impossible to shop in all areas within one day.
Bringing a shopper bag to Chatuchak market is a must! Some people even shop with a luggage bag!
Our lunch- mango sticky rice @Rm6! So delicious it melted in my mouth!
Shopping haul! Four tees @RM10 each, bag @RM20 and bikini @RM30.. slightly expensive for the bikini lols
Dress (from left) @RM13/RM13/RM15/RM20!  
We even bought a big luggage! @RM120! lols
We spent a day in Chatuchak market. I went back hotel earlier than others since I can't bear to shop with a luggage lols my friends said the prices of stuffs were even crazy at night!

Went to Big C for snacks and drinks! Pocky, Little Tauke's grilled seaweed and beers are must-buy!
Cute MINI Bacardi and Absolut Vodka!

Our supper- Grilled squid. The best one I ever had! Very juicy and springy :D I love the sauce too!
Singha beer :D Nice one! Taste better than Chang beer lols

Will be visiting wat on Day 3, our last day in Bangkok :'(


Xue Ren said...

Bangkok is such a shopping paradise! wanna visit there again! ;D

m33iyin said...

I miss Bangkok so much!!
Shopping paradise for the ladies. Too bad I missed the chance to visit Chatuchak Market.

Henry Tan said...

I WANNA GO BANGKOK SHOPPING TOO!! >.< i will make sure i read ur post again before i go. lol

IceCreamBun said...

like like like 3rd Owl Dress!

Unknown said...

Bangkok is always have cheap clothes!! :D

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