Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hanoi, Vietnam: Day 3 (part 1)

The last day in Hanoi :) City tour again! It's quite easy to get around in Hanoi since taxi is available everywhere! Early in the morning, we walked out from the hotel with a map in hand. Met this girl that promoting her Longan. In Hanoi, it's normal to see the women sell fruits or vegetable by loading them on shoulder pole. 
Then, we visited the local market- Dong Xuan Market. Basically it's a busy wholesale market. Nothing much to buy, mostly for the locals I think.  
Tried the local ice cream :) I chose coconut ice cream. Not bad! Very creamy and rich flavour. 
Yum yum *slurp*
The center of Old Quarter. Cloudy day.
Visited another famous landmark in Hanoi- St. Joseph's Cathedral. The cathedral was built in 1886 and still hold masses throughout the day.

The scene mode of my camera- pop effect.
Pin hole effect.
After the narcissistic photo-shooting session in the cathedral, we took a short break in Avalon Cafe. Highly recommend this cafe! Way better than Highland Cafe! The waitresses in Highland Cafe were so rude! She showed scornful face because we didn't order many drinks, and she even stopped us from using camera inside the cafe! Plus the cafe was so hot because they didn't on the air-con in the afternoon. But this Avalon Cafe was very very comfortable with beautiful view :)) The waitresses were very polite, they even apologized truthfully because they took the wrong order. So peeps you could visit this cafe if you visit Hanoi, undoubtedly my top favourite cafe in Hanoi! They have 4 levels- restaurant, semi lounge, lounge, and open-air cafe. 
The semi-lounge.
Say hello to Lotteria! Fast-food restaurant from Korea! I thought this was Vietnamese fast food restaurant initially lols cuz they're commonly seen in Vietnam even if compared to KFC and McDonald! 
Spicy chicken. The gravy tasted like Thai chili sauce. I still prefer KFC spicy chicken haha

Visited too many places on the last day. Keep some for tomorrow. Lazy to continue now gonna pen off ahhaha I'm a lame blogger (>.<) I promise I'll write a very good ending post for Hanoi trip :P 


choonhong said...

good to hear that there is another coffee shop with good view in Hanoi - Avalon. in fact, I enjoyed my time and atmosphere in highland coffee.
by the way, I noticed that there were no camera signs on the wall. perhaps, they might think that you were going to take photos. it could be just a misunderstanding.

SuFang (Careen) said...

Maybe our luck was bad haha but that lady looked like the manager.. She saw us taking photo of our drinks, so she came to stop us.