Friday, August 31, 2012

Superstars of Magic 2 by Resort World GENTING

Thanks to Nuffnang & Genting Highland, I was lucky enough to be invited to Superstars of Magic 2 by Resort World Genting on last Friday. This magic show features the famous magicians from all around the world for an exciting extravaganza!

VIP tickets! :))
The entrance @Genting International Showroom

The Magicians
Chipper Lowell- Comedy Magician of the Year (Hollywood, USA)
I love this guy, so cute and funny!!! lols
 Charlie Frye & Co.-World Best Variety Act (Las Vegas, USA)
His variety show is simply the best. His techniques are good! 
Dean Gunnarson- World's Greatest Escape Artist (Canada)
He's an international award-winning Canadian escapologist who has many notable television appearances. I was really taken aback by his exotic performance. He was chained and submerged into a water-filled tank! It's cool that he can get away within minutes and hold his breath for a long time!
Nestor Hato- France's Card Manipulation Champion (France)
His card manipulation techniques are awesome :)
Christian Lindermann- Europe's Best Pickpocket Artist (Germany)
An entertaining show by him, he's indeed a great pickpocket! Pitiful volunteer lost his wallet, belt, cellphone and even "boxer"! Beware of your stuffs when watching his show.
JC Sum & Magic Babe Ning- The Grand Illutionists (Singapore)
The Asian magicians of the night. They have great skills in creating illusions.
SOS & Victoria Petrosyan- World's Best Quick Change Act (Germany)
A pretty fashionista who changes her clothes within seconds!
SOS & Tigran Junior- World's Youngest Manipulation Artists
Not forgetting the youngest cute magicians! :)

With the Nuffnangers! :))

The official poster of Genting International Magic Festival 2012
The ticket price of Superstars of Magic 2 is as following:

VIP- RM250 (adult), RM100 (child)
PS1- RM130 (adult), RM65 (child)
PS2- RM90 (adult), RM45 (child)
PS3- RM60 (adult), RM39 (child)

Other than Superstars of Magic 2, Genting International Magic Festival also includes a variety of activities such as Magic Workshops (12/08-09/09 @Genting International Convention Centre, Meeting Room 7 & 8) & International Magic Factory (15/08-02/09 @Universal Walk, First World Plaza).  

Wait no more! Let's bewildered by this magic show of the world :)) 


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