Sunday, September 23, 2012

It's Singapore!! Day 1

I know Singapore is very near to Malaysia, the distance of bridge is even shorter than Penang bridge. Lols Trust me, this is the first time I go to Singapore although my younger sis studies in NTU for more than 2 yrs. My whole family has been there except me lols Finally I have chance to go there since my friend plans to hunt for job there. We accompanied her to Singapore, as a mini-farewell while having fun lols Frankly I regret for not going there earlier on because the ratio of S$$$$ to RM is 2.5 now!!! 

Traveled to some main landmarks of Singapore. 

@Orchad Road 
Their Yakult is exactly like our Vitagen!! :-O kampung gal
The famous Koi Cafe. Taste like Chatime to me. lols
Singapore is such a clean, artsy and well-planned city :)
Okayy, spot the Durian! Why we don't have durian building in Malaysia?? Malaysians only know how to build Jagung and mosques. 
@Merlion Park
The giant Merlion is "in holiday" (under construction) now, so I take photo with the baby Merlion lols
Spotted Marina Bay.
I love the night view :) The decorations and lighting are pretty!
The first day trip was mainly city tour :)) I love the well-developed, big and clean city, but frankly speaking I think some Singaporeans are quite rude and cocky. That's what I observed through several incidents on the first day. Of course I won't generalize it to the whole population since I have very nice and friendly Singaporean friends too. Just that...hmm.. Malaysia is still the best for me :) but anyhow I think Singapore and Malaysia need to switch government for few years, hahahaha since both are at the extreme ends. 


Hilda Milda™ said...

My first and last trip to Singapore was when I was 5 years old LOL I just don't have the urge to visit Singapore, idk why :P

Xue Ren said...

arh! i always love Singapore! a peaceful country! :D

Henry Tan said...

hahaa singapore need to spend more! >.< that's why i dont really fancy to go. but i just went last year end with family la. family means... I DONT HAVE TO PAY. hahaha

Choi Yen said...

wanna plan a Singapore trip but when think about the exchange rate T_T

Anonymous said...

I like Singapore too.. the skyline looks quite nice in your pics. Marina Bay Shopping area is nice for walking, especially that new museum. The view from the Marina Square food courts is nice at lunchtime if it is a clear day.