Sunday, October 14, 2012

Singapore: Day 2 (China Town & Sentosa Island)

Go to China Town in the early morning :D Apparently we disembark at the wrong place so we have to walk to there lols
 Love the lantern decoration along the street!
:)) There's no way you can find such beautiful pedestrian bridge in Malaysia! (the sun is scorching hot, look at my eyes and you'll know it LOL)
Hunt for food! yum yum Kang Shi Fu!
Si Chuan marinated pork, chicken and duck parts! but I don't eat these...yucks* and for those who can't read these, they're neck, tongue, foot, tail, ear....the only acceptable food for me is dried tofu.
Luckily they do sell different types of noodles hahaha
Si Chuan sour and spicy noodles (I can't finished it, too spicy..and too few ingredients to eat with)
Spicy beef noodles. This tastes better!
After lunch, we found this! Durian tapioca cake :)
This is delicious! But little too sweet for me :))
My friend bought this green guava from Thailand..very sweet but looked and tasted artificial for me o.O I suspected they injected some colouring and sweetening into the guavas??  
Our next and last station: Sentosa Island!!
My first time in Sentosa Island after it was opened up for like....40 years?!
Beach station!

Wahh feel like entering fairyland..
Spent a lazy evening there..:)
Siloso Beach! I love BEACH!!!
Hahaha a random shot outside the underworld aquarium! Will write a post on underworld aquarium real soon :)  
Some extreme activities there but I didn't try it *___*
Waterfront station :) With the Merlion!! Actually it's kinda weird to have mermaid+lion rite? Wonder how they came out with this haha 
A must-do in Sentosa Island! Pose with the spinning earth of Universal Studio hahaha
Lastly a not-beautiful shot of the night view from monorail.. byebye Sentosa Island :'( I'll be back!


HouHouSek said...

OMG I wanna go to sentosaaa~

Henry Tan said...

omg those food!! yum yum! why i never discover this when i was in Sentosa! TT

FiSh said...

durian tapioca cake? that sounds interesting!:) i have not tried this before

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