Sunday, May 5, 2013

Recent food hunts

I guess I'm more active on Instagram now since I have spent most of my time on studying and sleeping lols anyway I have a new hobby now.. which is food hunting XD due to the stressful and boring life I have now, my only hobby is MAKAN, which will never be missed every week, that's why I'm getting fat day by day. 

I have tonnes of photos to share, but I have picked few photos of foods that I wanna recommend to all lately :) I know it's a bit lame since most of them are quite famous and already visited by most of you. But no worries, I have many photos in my gallery now and I promise I'll update my blog more often :))

Umai-ya Japanese Restaurant
Kare ramen RM24; Saba-shio yaki RM17
The curry is a bit sour, compared to the ordinary Japanese curry that I have tasted before. The saba shio is delicious, I love the crispy outer layer very much. My friends tried several other dishes but I didn't have a chance to capture the photos :P Overall, the environment and ambiance really worth the values but the taste is moderate.   

Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant
RM22 (spicy) & RM19 (non-spicy)/pax. At least 2 pax/ order
My description for this is a funny one. Guess what, every time after my meal in Uncle Jang, my comment will be "feel nauseated with the oil... yucks, I will not eat this again". I even throw away the stamp card given by them. But............. I will visit again and again..........I think I'm in love with their ramen subconsciously or maybe they cast a spell on me.  

Btw, I have tried the spicy, non spicy, and also spicy+non spicy. My advice is, if you're gonna order 2 pax, non spicy will be the best, or order 2:1 (non spicy: spicy) otherwise. Trust me, I love spicy foods and I can eat cili padi, but if you want a perfect beautiful memory and delicious meal, listen to my advice mwahahah! Their spicy level is over my limit especially if you are forced to finish up a large portion of it.. just like me. 

Bumbu Bali 
Nasi campur Bumbu Bali RM23.50; Nasi campur special RM28.50
I revisited this place because I love their foods so much.

Restaurant Ah Koong
Love their signature fish balls :) you can order the fishball noodles with or without add ons and choose tomyam or clear soup base. They have a variety of seafood to be chosen from :) Frankly, this tomyam seafood bihun cost more than RM40+ LOL I guess I'm insane.. 

My new addiction, sesame supreme! :) RM8.40

Nadeje Mille Crepe
Berry berry mille crepe RM9.50
Nedeje is in the town! Located in 3 two mall in PJ :) I know it's expensive, they keep increasing the price due to their high popularity. But I will definitely have this again and again.

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choonhong said...

nadeje is just closed to my area, i havent visited thou