Sunday, May 26, 2013

Thai Up and Sweet Chat @The Mines

This is the first time I blog about the food outlets in Serdang after studying there for more than 4 years lols I always think Serdang is a boring place with the exception of a wide array of local Chinese foods like pan mee, yee mee, ais kacang etc in the kampung baru. However, I'm not going to introduce Chinese cuisine today hahah conversely I'm going to blog about a cafe in The Mines Shopping Centre that features delicious Thai cuisine with reasonable price :) 

Thai Up! They are under the same company with Chatime if I'm not mistaken. The environment is cozy and relaxing :)) 
The menu. The prices are reasonable, not expensive though
I went there with  my friend, so we ordered set dinner which included rice, sambal kangkung, tomyam soup, chilli chicken and ice lemon teas. Just RM27.90 The portion was just perfect for two girls :) very delicious! 
Addicted with the apps lately lol my nerdy look after class
Thai Up!
The Mines Shopping Mall- Lot L3-L7
The Gardens Mid Valley- Lot K06-03A

Next, we went to Sweet Chat. I wanted to crave for sweet stuffs badly ;) Ordered some desserts there, but not up to my expectation though. The desserts were way over sweet and the glutinous rice balls were too soft and lacked of elasticity. Hmmm but the durian pancake was okayy for me.

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Henry Tan said...

wow The Mines? i tot there not many shops ad. lol next time can go try ad! =D